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Work in Norway

Do you want to work in a country with peace, nature, space and freedom? Then Norway will sound appealing. In addition, wages are higher and social affairs are well organized. More and more people are emigrating to Norway, and good preparation is very important. There are also things to take into account when it comes to employment in Norway. So do you want to work in Norway ? Then read on.

Working in Norway

The Norwegian government likes to see foreigners coming to Norway to work. They prefer to see young people with a technical education. You don't need a work permit to be allowed to work in Norway. To find a job in Norway, it's best to contact an employment agency. These employment agencies can possibly also communicate in English. Although most people speak English, it's wise to already have a good grasp of the Norwegian language when looking for a job. In addition to contacting an employment agency, you can also independently search through a job site.

The job interview

When you apply, you naturally want it to be a success. First, it's important to be on time! Make sure you have enough knowledge about the company and that you look well cared for. It's also appreciated if questions are asked from your side. It's also common in Norway to send a letter of thanks after the interview.

Work culture

Norwegians are very polite people. You must also bear in mind that more value is attached to actions than to words. Norway is generally a quiet country, you can also find this in the work culture. Rest and restraint stands for control. Furthermore, it's also normal to separate business and private matters, which can be a pleasant experience for some. When you start working in Norway, you don't have to worry about being excluded from a profession. Norwegians attach great importance to equal opportunities for everyone, including women, sexual minorities, other cultures, religions and races.

Important tips for working in Norway

If you follow these tips, working in Norway will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.

  • Norwegians adhere to social equality, there is almost no use of titles
  • Managers are immediately available
  • Norwegians are very fond of their free time, the weekend starts as early as possible
  • It's customary to schedule appointments in the morning
  • A business lunch is common, but most of the time no business is done
  • Norwegians are perfectionist, providing quality solutions.
  • In Norway it's not common to negotiate prices, look out for this

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