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The economy is slowly picking up in the United States, creating more jobs. New York is and remains one of the most important trade sectors in the world where there are opportunities for many people. Working in the United States, the land of infinite possibilities, in one of the world's most popular and progressive cities. Who doesn't want that? Here we will describe why working in New York can be something for you and what the things are that you should take into account.

When you have decided to work in New York, the first thing to do is determine whether you want to move to the city temporarily or for the long term. Renting an apartment is very difficult. There are strict rules and the requirements are very high.

Working in New York with a Green Card

When you want to work in New York it's mandatory to apply for a Green Card. This can only be provided by the American authorities (the embassy or consulate). Getting a work permit is often very difficult because it's only granted to people who can show that they are going to contribute to the American economy. This therefore mainly applies to specializations that are required in the United States. The application is usually made by the company for which you are going to work. They have a lot of experience with this and therefore understand what is needed.

If you don't yet have a company where you can work, it's possible to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Under this heading, the US government grants 50,000 Green Cards every year. These are issued to people from selected countries. In that way it's also possible to find a permanent job in New York.

Work culture in New York

In New York it's important that you don't stick to the 9 to 5 mentality. In the Big Apple you have to work hard and spend many hours. Proving yourself is very important in many sectors. Everyone must want to achieve the so-called American Dream. You should be proud of the work you do and talk about it with enthusiasm. The whole understanding of university college and education in the United States in general is therefore very important for many Americans.

If this applies to your institution, you'll get there in New York. The average New Yorker is very friendly. There is a hierarchical atmosphere in which it's clear who is the boss, but knowledge and enthusiasm take you very far in the workplace.

Major sectors in New York

The most famous and important sector in New York is the economic sector. As one of the most important trading centers in the world, New York is at the beating heart of the American economy. Outside of Wall Street, New York is also known for its culture, art and Broadway. There is a lot of work to be found in the creative sector. People from all over the world move here to work in New York. With a total of around 4500 theaters, there is a lot to experience in every area.

In addition to the economic and cultural sector, there is also a lot of service in the city. The most important law firms are also located in New York. Many large international companies have their headquarters in this metropolis. And that gives a company more prestige at home and abroad.

Search jobs in New York

The most common way to find a good job in New York is through a company. As described above, they will also arrange a Green Card for you and you can get started quickly. Looking for a job when you aren't yet working at an international organization happens a lot through the personal network. It's very normal to recruit people for a position.

If you can't use the above, it's useful to look for a job through large companies. Many jobs can be found through employment agencies or job application companies. One of the largest companies that can come in handy here is www.simplyhired.com. Millions of jobs can be found here across the United States.

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