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A lively city on the beach: we are talking about the sunniest city in France, Marseille. Many expats have also discovered the city. Nowadays Marseille is a mix of all kinds of cultures. African, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish culture in particular are strongly represented.

Working in Marseille

Marseille is the focal point of economic activities, as it's the number 1 port city in France! This means that there are many jobs available in international trade and industry. Marseille is also becoming the leader of the R&D industry. The Marseille Aix Université contributes a lot to this, because the university has all kinds of projects in the technology sector.

In addition, there are many large multinational companies based in Marseille. The best known of these are Pernod-Richard, Catering International & Services and CMA CGM. The unemployment rate is 12 percent this year. This is therefore on average higher than the average unemployment rate in France. However, this doesn't have to be a problem at all for highly educated people looking for jobs in the technological, financial or R&D sector. The jobs are there for the taking, because there is a high demand for high skilled workers. If you are looking for a job in Marseille, it's advisable to speak a good bit of French first. This will certainly increase the chance of a job in Marseille!

Living in Marseille

Public transportation in Marseille is well organized. The city has a well-developed transport network. This is regulated by the RTM, the local transport network of Marseille. Public transport consists of two metro lines, two tram lines and 79 bus lines. It's also not uncommon to use your bicycle in this city.

Marseille makes you happy! The weather, the beautiful old buildings, the richness of culture that radiates the city: just a selection of the many reasons why you could move to Marseille.

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