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When you want to work in London it's good to know a few things in advance. London is one of the most important cities in the world where there is a huge job market. London is the economic center of Europe and there is always something to do in the city. There are many days off, and a beer in the pub after a long day at work is certainly not excluded. So one important question remains: how do you find a job in London?

Working permanently in London

Applying for a national insurance number (NIN) is mandatory if you are going to work in London. You can compare it with a Burgerservicenummer / Social Security Number. The application for this number must therefore be made before you start your first working day. Make sure you request this number on time. The processing time can be up to two weeks, and until that time work is only permitted at a very high load.

Much of the London job market is controlled and controlled by various recruitment agencies. Almost all companies in London are looking for their staff through these companies. So before you go to London, it's useful to investigate which agency can best help you find a job. In fact, the only other option is to find a job through acquaintances or friends. If you can't find a job through your network, registering with a recruitment agency is a must. This also applies when you want to start freelancing. Then take a good look at which recruitment agencies specialize in your field of work and not afterwards clearly identify the clients you are looking for.

Work culture in London

Working in London can be difficult because so many people want it. Standing out among all these potential employees can take a lot of time. Once you are allowed to come for an interview, it's important that you prepare yourself well. There are many hijackers on the coast, so make sure you are ready for everything that comes your way. So it's good to delve into the history, norms, values ​​and future plans of the company. After all, there is a corporate culture in London that's focused on preparing your work and fulfilling agreements.

Clothes make the man. This also applies to the interview. It's better to have something too neat and well to look to yourself then underdressen. This is how the working culture in London certainly works. So make sure you arrive on time for the interview, but don't overdo it. Just arrive five minutes in advance so you won't let them wait. Arriving late is by no means an option in England. Then there is a good chance that the entire conversation will not take place.

Major sectors in London

For years, London has been regarded as one of the pillars of global markets. Years ago, Chinese investors took advantage of the fact that the pound was weak. More and more jobs were created in the banking sector. In addition, the organization of the Olympic Games in 2012 was a huge boost in the tourism sector. Moreover, the level of education in London is huge and that attracts many students. For that reason companies in turn settle in London. It's a simple cause-and-effect cycle that gives sectors such as retail and IT a huge boost. These are markets that invite Chinese investors and companies to settle in London.

Marketing experts were already clear about the role that London plays in e-commerce. London is the heart of e-commerce in Europe. The city is constantly looking for new developments in payment systems, as a result of which Ogone in Brussels recently established itself in always-competitive London. As a result, more and more work is becoming available in London.

Vacancies in London

Because London is such an important and modern city in today's Western society, it's important that you adjust your CV here. Many companies no longer only look at the information you provide them on paper, but also what you can find on the internet. So make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and that all relevant experiences and skills are listed here.

For resumes: it's less common to attach a photo of yourself. In addition, personal matters such as religious preference, marital status etc. are also not desirable on the CV. Once you have completed the resume and you have found a good recruitment agency, it's better that you resume your resume immediately.

It can sometimes take 1 or 2 weeks for companies and agencies to respond to you. By the way, it's quite normal to call a company after sending your resume to ask for a status update. Once you are invited to an interview, it's no problem to break the ice with a brief conversation about a recent event. This way you'll quickly feel at ease before you can start working in London!

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