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Many people nowadays choose France as their destination when they want to enjoy life in peace. However, there are also more and more people not only moving but also going to work in France. The many beautiful regions offer numerous possibilities for those who are looking for a peaceful environment to work in. If you are more of a city type, you can also enjoy the hectic pace in Paris or the other major cities.

Because France is already in the top 10 of countries where people move to, we have decided to give you some useful information about working in France on this page.

Jobs in France

When you start looking for a job in France, it's useful if you have some knowledge of the language. Unlike here pther countries, you'll not find many vacancies that are also available in English. The fact that poor English is spoken in France is therefore also a point of attention when you start working there as an employee. Therefore, make sure you have a reasonable or good command of the language when you want to work in France. If you don't do this, make sure you follow a course to get the hang of the language.

The job market in France is also doing well: There is work to be found in almost all sectors and there are many vacancy websites where you can find suitable vacancies. This of course depends on the region you are looking for. You'll probably find more jobs in Paris than in Nancy.

If you have a diploma as a (para) physician, then you are in France very well. In recent years, France has had a large shortage of people in the care sector. Fewer doctors are being trained than necessary, and specially in rural areas and surroundings, the shortage is serious. Many doctors trained there choose to do them work later in a big city.

Major sectors in France

In France, the industrial revolution only started relatively late: Until the Second World War, agriculture was definitely the most important sector in France. Today, the service sector is the most important sector: More than 70% of the population is employed in this sector. Industry (more than 24% of the population) and agriculture (about 4% of the population) are also doing well. Although only 4% of the population work in agriculture, this is still the largest agricultural sector in Europe.

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