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Many people choose to move and work in England. For this to be successful you must be well prepared for working life in England. Here you'll find important things that you should know if you are going to work in England. The following information can be found on this page:

Working in England

But why do people really decide to work in England? This is partly due to the language: English is a language that almost every professional speaks. This means that you don't have to take long courses before you can actually get started. There are also plenty of people who haven't fully mastered the language, but who want to work in England. These people mainly do this to learn the language.

Jobs in England

As you have read before, unemployment in England is only declining. This means that there are more than enough jobs available in England. But how do you get a job in England now? There are plenty of international job boards where you can go as a foreigner. You can use the following websites:

  • Monster;
  • Jobsite;
  • Indeed;
  • Reed;
  • Jobstoday.

When applying for a job in England you have to keep a few things in mind. In England, photos in your CV are prohibited because of discrimination. In addition, lying about any diplomas or skills is out of the question. If you do this and it's discovered, it will not be long before you are back on the street. In England they are a bit stricter with things like this.

English working culture

It has already been made clear in the paragraphs above that people are often somewhat stricter in England. You can of course see this reflected in the work culture. In England people are much more polite. Everything in England is a bit more structured. Even when you start doing work where you'll be in direct contact with customers, you should also pay attention to this. People are very polite and the word 'please' will return to the workplace many times.

Major sectors in England

England is in the 18 e century became the first modern European economy. The country is still ahead of many other countries, and that hasn't been very different in the past. In England the industrial revolution was the first country in the world. But what are England's most important sectors today?

The most important sector is the service sector. This sector contributes two-thirds to the Gross Domestic Product and provides jobs for more than 70% of the population. The second sector is the industrial sector. In the past this was often the sector that made England great, today about 27% of the population finds its work in this sector. The least important sector in England is the agricultural sector : this makes a contribution of less than 2%. So it seems that this doesn't mean much, but still this sector can provide food for two thirds of the English population.

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