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A job that has affordable working hours, an excellent entrepreneurial climate and an efficient welfare state. These are three reasons why working in Denmark is very popular. In recent years, many expats have taken the step to work in Denmark. The expectations for the future are no different: more and more expats will start working in Denmark. Do you also want to work in Denmark ? On this page you'll find all the information you need about the Danish job market, the Danish work culture and the most important sectors.

Working culture in Denmark

Danes are a tolerant people with few taboos. They have a direct way of communicating, are open and somewhat formal. Denmark is a country with a flat organizational culture. There is hardly any hierarchy and the employees work very independently.

Working hours in Denmark

Denmark officially works 37 hours a week, but recent figures show that that's only 33 hours. Yet Denmark is one of the most productive countries in the world. In the time that the Danes work, they also work really hard. A working day usually only lasts until 4 in the afternoon, but be aware that you really have to work hard during working hours. In general, the Danes enjoy their work a lot. They radiate this and that in turn results in high productivity.

Major sectors in Denmark

Denmark has a modern industry, most of which are in the service sector. The Danish economy is as follows: 71 percent is services, 26 percent is employed in the industrial sector and 3 percent is employed in agriculture. The unemployment rate is still declining in Denmark and currently the figure is 6.3 percent. The outlook is therefore good.

In which sectors in Denmark can I find a job quickly?

Denmark is a country that's at the forefront of technology. As a result, there are all kinds of jobs in the technology sector. In particular, telecommunications provide a large job offer. The medicine industry is also doing well in Denmark. Denmark is the second largest exporter of medicines in the world. There are also many jobs in this area. Denmark is also an interesting place for international companies. Denmark offers interesting taxes for companies and, in addition, the high productivity of the Danes is interesting for these companies. So there are certainly many jobs in the business sector.

Although the agricultural sector accounts for only 3 percent of the Danish economy, it's certainly an important sector. Denmark, for example, produces food for 15 million people, three times the Danish population. There are therefore opportunities within the agricultural sector, but we are mainly talking about technical jobs within the agricultural sector. This sector is highly dependent on technology and it should therefore not be difficult for engineers to find a job here.

Tips to find a job in Denmark faster

  • Danes speak English well, but it's important that you learn Danish when you go to work in Denmark. This is of course not necessary if you are going to work in an international company. But in principle it offers you many more opportunities. It's therefore best to follow a Danish course;
  • Networking in Denmark is very important. Many events are organized in Denmark. Try to take advantage of these occasions;
  • The and websites are very useful websites if you want to work in Denmark;
  • Denmark loves Linkedin. So make sure your profile is completely up to date. Consult people around you to see if it looks professional. There is a website called Fiverr that checks whether your profile looks good. This costs around 10 euros, but is definitely worth it!

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