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Working in Berlin is very popular, but the jobs aren't there for the taking. The German capital has an unemployment rate of around 15% and this makes it difficult to find a job in Berlin. Both living and working in Berlin are very popular, not only for expats but also for the German population. There is relatively little employment around the city, so your search will take place between city limits. Berlin is one of the largest cultural, political and scientific centers in Europe. The jobs are indeed there, the demand is also huge. So count on a lot of competition, but once you have found a job in Berlin you can say that you work in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Work culture in Berlin

Companies in Germany are often more hierarchical. You don't contradict your supervisor quickly, this may be something you'll have to get used to in the first instance.

Nor should you be surprised when colleagues call each other mr and mrs. This is very common with larger companies and for example law firms. Because of this hierarchy, employees also take less initiative. It's assumed by default that the manager will indicate what must be done. This will be less likely to be the case with start-ups or cooler companies. Here you'll find a lively culture where the workplaces are arranged very flexibly. However, there is often a strong urge for efficiency, there is no time to sit still. Pauses last 15 minutes on average, the lunch break around 45.

Something you should be aware of before you start your new job is punctuality. Being late is really ' not done '. Employees therefore struggle in all sorts of turns to arrive on time, which is highly appreciated by the employer.

Major sectors in Berlin

In principle, the chance of a job is greatest when you search for positions that match your qualifications and experiences. In Germany a lot of value is placed on your diploma, the chances are small that a company will hire you for a position that doesn't match your education (s). Within the sectors in which you'll have to search, therefore largely depends on your own CV.

Vacancies in Berlin

Your job search often starts online, but in Germany the first step is to build a contact circle. Many jobs in Berlin are forgiven for contacts, so having some contacts within Berlin can be crucial for your search. You'll find vacancies in Berlin most often in newspapers and magazines, specially open the Saturday edition; this is often full of vacancies. If you are looking for vacancies in the business world, then Handelsblatt is the newspaper that you could use conveniently. For government vacancies you read Die Zeit, which comes out on Thursday.

Unfortunately, you need more than a smooth chat to find a job in Berlin. You'll have a lot of competition: you must therefore be able to prove that you are the right candidate for the position in question. Training and accompanying grade lists will be supportive, your work experience is less important. Look for vacancies that match your CV, you have little or no chance of finding a job if you can't sufficiently demonstrate that you have the expertise that they require from you.

A CV, or a German Lebenslauf, is written tightly and professionally. Provide a clear explanation of your previous duties and responsibilities, you can also mention projects and explain when they could be relevant to the position. Don't go into hobbies and add a business passport photo. Also qualifications and references from previous employers are often added to the CV.

Take copies of your diplomas with you to a job interview, thereby demonstrating that you have actually attended the courses listed in your CV. The employer will appreciate this. Feel free to take a few days to prepare a good CV and a good letter of application, on average it also takes a few months to find work in Berlin. A good letter of application may shorten this time, so read the letter a few times or have it read by someone who takes a more critical look at it. It will eventually help you on your way to finding your dream job in Berlin.

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