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There are some things you need to know when you go to work in Barcelona. Barcelona is an important trading city, where both the industrial sector and the service sector are important. A large part of the industry is located in the suburbs of the city. The port is also important for Barcelona's thriving economy. These factors ensure that working in Barcelona is very popular. And even though Spain has a reputation for taking it easy and keeping a lot of siesta's, they also work hard in Barcelona!

Working permanently in Barcelona

When you first start working in Spain, you must be registered with the Seguridad Social. In principle, the company where you'll work must arrange this. If you have a passport from an EU country, you don't need a tarjeta de residencia . However, if you are staying in Spain for longer than 6 months, registration at the registro central de extranjeros is mandatory. It's also necessary to request a NIE number at the Oficina de Extranjeros, within 3 months after you have started working in Spain.

There are several employment agencies in Barcelona where you can register with a NIE number. However, you can also simply send open applications to companies or complete a form on the website. Sometimes a resume isn't even required.

Working culture in Barcelona

It's very convenient to speak Spanish if you want to work in Barcelona. Catalan is also an official language in Barcelona, ​​but this is hardly spoken in the professional circuit. As more and more international companies are based in Barcelona, ​​the demand for English-speaking employees has also increased.

Major sectors in Barcelona

Despite the economic crises in Spain, the Spanish economy remains one of the largest in Europe. Barcelona was originally thrived by the textile industry, which is still one of the most important sectors. There is also a lot of work to be found in the chemical, automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

In terms of the service sector, logistics, media and IT are the most important.

Vacancies in Barcelona

There are many IT job vacancies in Barcelona, ​​while call centers are also popular employers. For vacancies you can visit one of the many employment agencies in Barcelona; there is even a Randstad employment agency in the city! Furthermore, Adecco and Mise en Place are popular. In the summer there is also a lot of work to be found in the tourism sector.

It's important to write a good letter of application and a good CV. In Spain a lot of personal information and a recent photo are highly appreciated. It's important that you describe skills with computers and relevant work experience. Have the letter and CV checked at the end by someone who speaks and writes Spanish fluently. However, make sure that your actual level is stated in the Spanish language on your resume.

For the job interview you must be suitably dressed, depending on the vacancy. Good preparation is essential. A Spaniard would appreciate it if you asked questions about the vacancy and the company. There is a good chance that a psychological test or an assessment will be taken at a high position. So be well prepared if you are looking for work in Barcelona!

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