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The Australian economy is doing better and better and in the summer season there is a lot of demand for work. When you decide to live and work in Australia, it's good to see where you can fill the wallet. Travelers also often try to find a job in Australia, because life 'Down Under' is more expensive. Moreover, with a real job you also have a place in real Australian life, so you can really explore the country.

Work temporarily or permanently in Australia

Sydney, Perth or Melbourne; a lot of work can be found in large cities in Australia. For example, many young people going on a trip apply for a Working Holiday visa to find a job in Australia. You can then also stay in the country. Whether you work at a local farm or earn money in a supermarket, that makes no difference. Working on the land in Australia in exchange for shelter is also called wooffing and it's very popular for backpackers. The Working Holiday visa gives you the opportunity to discover new things. After all, working and traveling can easily be combined in Australia!

You'll only receive a Working Holiday Visa if you are between 18 and 31 years old. It's mandatory to have at least 3200 euros in pocket money, whether this is in your bank account or not. Of course your passport must also be valid during the stay. This stay can last a year if you only want to work in Australia. In addition, you can study for up to four months and work for up to six months for one employer in Australia. The cost of the visa doesn't exceed 310 euros. It can be requested through the internet to save a lot of effort!

Generally speaking, the desire for something new is really the reason why people look for work in Australia. While you are traveling around, the simple side jobs are often the most efficient to have. Agriculture and horticulture are then very popular. For the experience of the Australian lifestyle you can also work as a au pair in a family.

Vacancies in Australia

For permanent work you'll find vacancies in the (local) newspapers in Australia. Calling is common, specially when you want to get started quickly. In another case you can go to pages like Career One, My Career and John Holland for job openings in Australia. Moreover, don't skip Centrelink. International job seekers can use this platform well to give their career that extra boost.

Because the economy in Australia is very strong and is getting better and better, the chance of finding work is increasing. You can also request your bank account after you arrive in Australia. With a Working Holiday visa, it's easier to get here, although you must do so within 28 days of your arrival in Australia.

Are you going to apply? Then here are some tips to help you maximize your chances of finding a job:

  • Make sure your resume is translated into English.
  • References from other employers or clients are highly appreciated in Australia.
  • Building a social network is very important if you want to work in Australia.

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