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When you go to work in Antwerp, you have a good chance of finding a job. Although the income tax is one of the highest in Europe, the job market is still attractive enough to come and work in Antwerp. There is a lot of employment in Antwerp, also for foreigners. English is of course always appreciated, and French and / or German especially. In principle, the only thing you need in Belgium to come to work is a valid passport.

The language of business in Antwerp is Flemish, which is to our advantage. In the field of hierarchy, the Belgians keep a little more distance. Business will therefore appear a bit more formal. Yet Antwerp is quite neutral in this area, specially in comparison with cities in Wallonia such as Brussels .

Tips work in Antwerp

  • Belgians love compromises, so adjust yourself so that both parties are satisfied;
  • Punctuality is also desirable in the Belgian business culture;
  • Business people in Belgium are known for their neat clothing style, when you go to work in Belgium that's also expected of you; Don't discuss personal things at work;
  • Don't be too direct and confrontational, they don't like that in Belgium.

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