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Experience Certificate Document Format

A certificate document must at least contain the following:

  • The nature of the work performed and the working hours per day or per week.
  • the start date and the end date of the employment contract.
  • A statement of how the employee has complied with his obligations.
  • A statement and the manner in which the employment contract was terminated.
  • If the employer has canceled the employment contract, the reason for it.

Sample Work Experience Certificate Format


[Company name]
[Your name]
[Postal code and city]

[Postal code and city]

Subject: Certificate [name of employee]

[place of residence, date]

Dear Sir / Madam [Name],

We hereby declare that you were born on [date of birth] with us from [date] to [date] in the position of [job title]. Your employment was a full-time employment of 40 hours a week.

Mr. [Name] was responsible for the development of our company's remuneration policy and the preparation and maintenance of the various employee benefits plans. Mr. [Name] also advised management on labor law issues, including dismissal cases.

Mr. [Name] has a great deal of knowledge and has performed the work to full satisfaction. During the annual appraisal interviews, Mr. [Name] always receive a good or very good assessment.

Mr. [Name] is a loyal and collegial employee. It was a pleasure working with him.

Mr [Name] 's position has been canceled with effect from [Day] [Month] [Year] for business organizational reasons, as a result of which we were unfortunately forced to cancel the employment contract with him.

If you would like more information about the performance of Mr. [Name] at our company, please contact me.

We wish Mr. [Name] every success in finding a new employment.


[Your name]

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