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WMS Software Definitions

Software for warehouse management systems (WMS), what exactly is that according to IT specialists? You can read all about it on this page.

WMS manages all warehouse processes

A WMS manages the goods flows within a warehouse. It's an operational system that focuses on direct control of all processes related to logistics in a warehouse. It enables an organization to increase customer service, improve productivity and efficiency in the warehouse, lower the operating costs of the warehouse and quickly respond to developments in the supply chain. In combination with the fact that nowadays the warehouse is more often considered a profit center than a cost center, these are the most important drivers for the use of a WMS.

Cost effective goods

Warehouse management software is an automated system that optimizes all activities and processes that take place within the four walls of a warehouse. The activities are registered and controlled and tasks are classified according to their priority. Errors are identified, eliminated and companies can realize cost-effective goods management.

Control, control and optimization

Warehouse Management Software manages warehouse locations and stocks in logistics and distribution centers. It controls, controls and optimizes the flow of goods from the warehouse, inside and out. In addition, a WMS determines and supports accompanying processes, such as order picking, packaging, shipping and Value Added Services, such as kitting (package compilation). Warehouse Management Software is suitable for all types of items and can be used in both manual and automated warehouses.

WMS offers real-time insight

WMS software helps companies with the most efficient possible use of logistics resources, employees and increases the level of service. By providing real-time insight into the exact stock, it also increases the level of service to the customer.


A warehouse management system is software with which the activities in a warehouse can be organized smarter and better than without this software. To improve activities you'll first have to see what is happening. Because what you don't see you can't improve. A WMS consists of a number of related data files that are (preferably) updated in real-time so that you use this data from the operation for controlling the operation. Automatic identification such as barcoding, RFID and other tools to automatically capture the data are the basis for a WMS. Compare it with driving: you respond to the situation now! Not on what you see in your rearview mirror.


The definition is relatively simple; A system that's able to manage a warehouse and the entire chain of the warehouse. Storage, control, storage, location management, order picking, control, packing, shipping and removal.

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