Success Factors for WMS Software Selection


The most important success factor in the selection of a warehouse management system is the realization that WMS is more than just a stock system, software package or one-off project. But what factors make a WMS selection project even more successful? How do you prevent a wrong choice of software? Read the success factors on this page according to some WMS specialists.

Package of requirements

- A good connection between the package of requirements and the warehouse management system.
- Involvement of management, supervisors and operational people.
- Clear communication between WMS supplier and customer.
- To test. Not only to gain confidence in the WMS, but specially to train the organization in the procedures in combination with the warehouse management system and to get all users involved.

Six success factors

Important factors for a WMS project to succeed are:

- The correct composition of the project team.
- Good cooperation between the supplier and the customer.
- A good project plan, in which ALL steps in the plan are followed and much attention is paid to testing.
- Involvement of the entire organization.
- Realistic view of the desired functionalities.
- Clearly formulated wishes that are ultimately realized.

Warehouse management tools

The WMS system of a supplier can offer the best tools. However, these are only useful and economical if they are also required for the processes in the warehouse. For that reason it's important that all requirements that are made of the stock management system and all required functionalities are clearly defined in advance. In addition, a supplier can't just execute a project, the involved and motivated contributions from the customer side are essential!

No customization

- Take into account the possibilities of the warehouse management system.
- Minimal customization.
- Availability of employees.
- Define the test scenarios.

Carefully go through steps

Inventory, analyze, specify, implement, implement, and commission the WMS system. If one of these steps is negligent, it will not be successful.

Making a benefit analysis Failure

Exists if the objectives set with the agreement of all parties aren't achieved. The biggest pitfall is that these are often not recorded, or that no benefit analysis has been performed beforehand. In addition, not involving the work floor remains a major misstep so functionality doesn't match.

Acceptance warehouse management system

The success of the WMS software project consists of the acceptance by the employees and the improvement of the KPIs, insofar as they were already known. A successful project always has the cooperation of high to low in the organization, good project management and clear planning that has been achieved.

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