Step By Step Plan for WMS Software Selection


Selecting inventory management software is a difficult task, with a high risk of errors that can make the project longer, more expensive and less successful. Investments can be substantial and wrong choices have consequences for the business process or even the operating result. It's therefore very important to come to the best choice of WMS software in one go during the selection process. Without proper preparation, a WMS software selection is doomed to fail, so preparation is essential. Read the most important tips from some WMS specialists on this page.

Three important tips

- The clear definition of the objectives and the ROI calculation of warehouse management software.
- Coordination of the requirements within the own organization.
- When drawing up the set of requirements, not only looking at the current processes, but also formulating a clear vision about the possible developments within the logistics process that the warehouse management software must also support.

Own wishes package

Organizations are often guided by the name of the supplier and focus on references whereby they lose sight of their own wishes package. In addition, different checklists - where the presence of a functionality gives a check mark - often give a distorted image since not all suppliers interpret functionalities in the same way. Companies will therefore have to review and coordinate their own wishes with the supplier. Another point is the supplier's knowledge of your business. Thirdly, organizations often settle for a standard demo, while it's better to do a scripted demo of the warehouse management software.

Warehouse management software costs

Warehouse management software is developed based on operating systems and databases, which are regularly subject to a release change. That's why it's important to buy software that can be used demonstrably with an operating system or database upgrade without major investment costs. So ask about a supplier's upgrade concept. The costs for the introduction of warehouse management software are often not compared in detail. In addition to the one-off investment costs, it's also worthwhile to compare the recurring costs for maintenance, support and license fees. In addition, it's important to check what 'standard' exactly means. By standard is meant that the functions can be realized.

Reserve time

- Reserve time
- Add decision makers to the project team.
- Documenting the reason why a certain process support has been chosen.


Often the inventory is too brief, the analysis isn't thorough enough (because then the problem would come up in the inventory) and the specifications aren't complete. They switch over too quickly to the implementation of warehouse management software while the previous ones aren't properly finished. During the implementation, all these errors come to the surface and require an enormous effort to fix it if that's possible. A wrong product has been regularly purchased based on careless inventory, analysis and specification.

The costs are rising and the motivation is falling. In terms of staff, things often don't go well because people are unable to switch from a 'knowledge warehouse' to an 'automatic warehouse'. In many cases, part of the staff has been replaced for that reason before the WMS goes live or shortly thereafter.

Warehouse management software optimization

Warehouse management software is about logistics optimizations and then IT optimizations, the logistics manager should be preferred. On the other hand, logistics people forget that it's also a strategic solution and that the new warehouse management software becomes part of the current IT. In addition, initiators and decision makers often forget the workplace and a structured benefit analysis.

Inventory of processes

The presentation and demonstration of warehouse management software can run smoothly, but does it fit the tasks that you want to perform in the future? And can your people handle these changes? A good inventory of the processes, including the wishes of the employees who have to work with the system or who will be controlled by the warehouse management software, is all too often a poor child.

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