Why Specifying Required Qualifications


There are some companies in which workers are usually taken into account not only based on the performance that they can have in the company but, in reality, based on their qualification , understanding as such the set of knowledge, skills, behavior and skills that a person acquires during socialization, education and training.

This set is an asset that each person has and is individual and personal for each one not finding two equals, more than anything because each person is a world.

To identify the required qualification in a job or in the labor market, it used to be through an occupational analysis but in reality right now it's not used so much but rather more focused on individual interviews and observation. Some companies also do tests or tests in such a way that they know if their workers could get to perform other jobs in the same company.

The department responsible for this would be Human Resources , a department that is closely linked to the company's management. In medium-sized SMEs it's often the owner himself who is responsible for the tasks of this department in terms of hiring, monitoring of workers, etc. But when the company grows too much then there is no choice but to have an exclusive department for these tasks.

Today the job qualification is something very sought because it makes workers not so selected for their experience and training but for what they could contribute to the company, an additional addition to be different, and for that many companies seek to surround themselves with people who are able to give new ideas, original and striking, that can make the company a change in the market benefiting themselves.

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