Why Should I Choose Staff Through An Employment Agency And How To Do That?


Do you think that a temporary employee is only good for simple, short-term work? Then you're mistaken. Via employment agencies you'll also find well-trained, specialized employees who can immediately take part in your company, even for a longer period. Broadcasting is therefore a smart way to find the right person. In this article we explain how you approach that.

Why should I choose a temporary employee?

The hiring of temporary workers instead of hiring a new employee has many advantages. It's no coincidence that the number of jobs at employment agencies is growing at a rapid pace: according to Statistics, more people currently work through an employment agency. A big chance that an ideal employee is here for you.

The six advantages of a temporary employee in a row:

- You don't have to spend time and money on recruitment and selection: that's done by the temporary employment agency on the basis of your wishes. If it's good, this person is also supervised by his employment agency. Your new strength therefore immediately has the right working mentality.
- You don't run the employer risks that you would incur with an employee. If the new strength becomes ill, the temporary employment agency is responsible for any further payment of wages and reintegration.
- You can then deploy your temporary workers exactly when you need them. A busy season or an unexpectedly large project? You hire your employee when you have work. As soon as the job has finished, you're not attached to anything.
- An employment agency knows the market well and has access to many more jobseekers than you would get to applicants. An employment agency can therefore quickly help you with a suitable new employee.
- Not you, but the temporary employment agency is responsible for the administrative obligations for your new employee. You only need to check whether your temporary agency worker passes on the right number of hours worked to his or her office.
- You can 'try' new staff very easily and without risk. The rules surrounding giving a probationary period to temporary employees have become stricter. You could consider a temporary worker as someone with a very long probation.

Are there also disadvantages?

A temporary employee is more expensive than an employee in service. After all, you also pay for the services of the employment agency. A temporary employee also has more flexibility: he or she can easily terminate the temporary employment contract as you do without too many consequences. If you need someone with very specific knowledge, or you have to invest a lot of time or money in inducing or training the new strength, you run the risk that that valuable colleague will just walk out the door.

How does that work, hire a temporary worker?

You can approach an employment agency with your question for an employee with a specific background, or an employment agency will approach you. There are temporary employment agencies that specialize in a specific sector, region or a certain group of workers, such as students. They have a customer base with people who want to get started, and they can present the best fitting person to you. Yet it can be difficult to find the right agency for your new employee.

There are more temporary employment agencies now. How do you ensure that you ask exactly the right desk for a new employee? Does the agency you know have the knowledge of your branch and the best employees available for your company? Does the agency also provide guidance for the people who are registered there? It may be a time-consuming task to find the right agency for your dreamed temporary employee.

The best deal

It's quite unclear how much extra costs agencies charge on top of the salary for your temporary worker (which must be the same as the salary for comparable work in your company). Usually an employment agency charges a percentage on top of the salary. But which employment agency has competitive prices and what is actually a competitive rate?

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