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Why Do You Want to Change Jobs Interview Question

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It's more or less common that during a job interview your interlocutor asks you a series of questions specially aimed at knowing even more details about you, your personality and your work and salary expectations . Specifically, one of the questions in the job interview is the following: Why do you want to change jobs? This is a question that arouses the interest of recruiters, since your answer will allow them to know what are the reasons that lead you to apply for a new job while you still have another job.

If this is your case, you must be cautious when answering this Killer Question in the job interview. . Very specifically, most of the time what is intended to be known is the level of commitment that the candidate may have with respect to the company in which he works and try to analyze if it will be the same in the future company.

Of course, you will never have to lie, but it's possible that you guide your response in one way or another, always with the aim of making the best impression on the interviewer and not generating an image of distrust or disinterest.

How to explain the reason for the change of employment in the job interview

First of all, your priority will always be to look for and issue answers in a positive way . That is, focus your desire for change on what you want to get with it and not on what you want to avoid or end. Focus, whenever you can, on the benefits you intend to obtain thanks to the change of profession, and not on the inconveniences you are trying to leave behind. Here are some examples of what could be positive responses:

"I have been looking at this company for some time and I would like to be part of your team"

With this answer, in which you don't even mention your current company, you make it clear that what interests you is to work in that company in question, and not leave yours in any way. You will convey confidence and, in addition, they will understand that you will be an involved worker.

"I'm looking for job opportunities in which to assume new functions and tasks, in addition to acquiring new knowledge and promoting the management of new tools"

Again, without mentioning your current company, you show that what moves you is a strict desire for professional development and personal improvement.

"I'm at a stage where I need to grow professionally and in my current company, because of the type of organization, it's not possible"

It's a way to show your ambition for climbing positions in your professional career . Special care must be taken with this answer, since, if it's not well formulated, it could be understood as a sign of self-centeredness.

"Although I'm happy in my current company, I feel that I can no longer learn anything else"

You put in value your current company, something very positive because you will transmit a positive attitude, but you show that your priority is to continue taking on professional challenges.

In any case, try to choose your answer always following a coherence with respect to the new contract, salary or set of functions that you would have in the new job.

On the other hand, in addition to guiding your response in positive, you should avoid references to salary or the location of the company. Logically, it's possible that your motivation is the salary, but it would not be effective for the interviewer to stay with the feeling that this is the only thing that matters to you. Regarding the geographical situation of the company, it can be implied that, since this is the most interesting factor for you, nothing else attracts you to the company, so you could decide to change again at any time.

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