Why a Curriculum Vitae


Why is your curriculum vitae (CV/Resume) so important?

Your curriculum vitae is a summary of your education, skills and work experience. Find out why writing the perfect resume can help you get the job of your dreams.

The CV has its own particularities. This is a detailed account of your experience and your skills and can therefore count a few pages. If you're a senior executive, a lawyer, a professor, a doctor or a scientist, your CV will certainly be more complete. Indeed, a resume can do well more than two pages. This must be long, impressive and detailed to highlight your years of experience and expertise.

What does a resume contain?

The resume contains summary statements followed by your work history (containing highlights of your career, work experience, etc.). This is usually followed by your specific skills as well as a section dedicated to the awards and honors you have received over the years, if any.

This is only the basis. You can also include various sections depending on the type of business you're applying for. Here are some other information to consider adding to your resume:

  • Licenses or professional certifications
  • List of relevant courses corresponding to your professional or academic goals
  • Scientific or academic research, laboratory experiments, grants received
  • Description of your thesis or dissertation (if you have graduated from higher education)
  • Articles, books and other related publications you have written
  • Academic or professional presentations made
  • Travel or cultural experiences
  • Related extracurricular activities, professional and associative affiliations
  • Additional information that may support your purpose or qualifications
  • Letters of recommendation or a list of references
  • Professional perfection

The more there are, the better

Without wanting to bury your potential employer under an avalanche of information about you, a resume can make up to five or ten pages. If you already have experience in your field, your resume can even span 20 pages or more. Thus, you can indicate how you have been widely published and include your many professional speeches or notable public appearances. With a career spanning many years, this information is multiplying.

The general impression you want to give to your resume is that you're so experienced, educated and accomplished that you're the strongest candidate for the coveted position.

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