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Which Resume Suits You

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In which format did you prepare your resume? Maybe you are thinking: format? Isn't that simple?Name and address at the top, training, work experience there and ready. But if you want to distinguish yourself, you should not think too lightly about it.

Assume that the competition is strong. The distinctive character of your resume can be decisive for the first selection.


The first scan of resumes is second work. It is of course about your education, experience and other skills. But how you present and 'sell' yourself ( personal branding ) is just as important in this phase. Working on your presentation means working on the appearance of your resume and determining what information you put in the foreground. What suits you: a functional or competence resume in a modern or classic look?


In principle this is an easy choice. If you have a lot of experience in the area of ​​the vacancy you are applying for, then opt for the fairly traditional functional resume . Here you list all your experience in chronological order. Complete this by telling something more about yourself: who you are and what goals and motivations you have.


If you have no (or little) experience that fits in with the relevant area, then put more emphasis on your competencies. Competences are the building blocks of successful behavior. A competence is not something you can see, such as behavior, but something that underlies behavior. Competencies are characteristics of behavior. The comparison is often made with an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, visible above the water, is the behavior. The remainder of the iceberg, underwater, are the behavioral characteristics. Six different characteristics are distinguished: knowledge, skills, values ​​and norms, motivation and ambition, personal qualities and aptitude and intelligence. If you find it difficult to name your own competences, then let yourself be inspired by this list of 50 competencies. A competence resume builds the 'bridge' between your experience and the experience you need for your new position.


Always keep the company where you are applying in mind when choosing between a modern or a traditional resume. Creativity is expected from a designer, so with the design he can show a lot of himself and reinforce his application. If you apply as a lawyer at a large firm, this creativity is much less appreciated. There is no standard rule for your choice and that is precisely why you can distinguish yourself.


These can be difficult choices. Therefore always switch on guides. Ask people in your area. Not just to check for flawless grammar, spelling and punctuation. Look together to see if the format suits you, the company and the vacancy. And whether the descriptive pieces are logically arranged. More help can also be found online.

Good luck with the choice, (re) writing your resume and applying!

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