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The contents of the work certificate

It's the employer who draws up the work certificate, on free paper or company letterhead.

Required information

The employment certificate contains the following information:

  • the employee's date of entry (which includes the trial or apprenticeship period);
  • the employee's release date;
  • the nature of the job or jobs successively occupied;
  • the periods during which these jobs were held.

The work certificate may also mentions:

The employer may also, with the agreement of the employee, make an assessment of the work of the latter. But it can not be an assessment that can harm the employee (such as the mention of a period of illness for example).

The following statements may also appear:

  • Identification of the employer (surname, first name, company name, registered office);
  • Identification of the employee (surname, first name, address);
  • Date of submission of the work certificate;
  • Place of issue of the work certificate;
  • Signature of the employer.

Certificate of work: what is the purpose for the employee?

The work certificate testifies to the activity of the employee within the company. This is proof of the existence and duration of the employment relationship. It's therefore essential to keep this document.

It allows the employee to more easily find a job with another employer, since it justifies that he is free from any commitment, but also to assert his rights with Pôle emploi .

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