What Must be Covered in a Resume


When applying for a job, the first thing is to create a resume, which summarizes who you're and the skills that make you a good candidate for the job you want to get, as well as being attractive to those who read it.

What are the most important sections to cover in your resume?

Your resume must cover the following points:

Identification data

Before considering you for a job, the person hiring must know who you're and for this, important identification data such as:

- Full name
- Birthdate
- Phone
- Email

Academic training

The academic training shows how you get to acquire the skills that today make you fit for a certain job . It's common to make the mistake of including the entire educational career, it's enough with the university or technical training and other courses, in addition to the years in which they were carried out.

Qualifications such as workshops or trainings, even if they don't lead to a degree, must be included if they are relevant.

Professional experience

Recruiters and hiring managers consider professional experience important, so add where you have worked, the position and functions it brings.

It's not necessary to add work experiences that have nothing to do with the job you're applying for, such as youth jobs that have no relevance in professional life, it's more, that highlights the lack of experience of the applicant who tries to fill the space with everything Whatever comes to mind.

Relevant skills

Important and relevant data that can add plus to the skills of the applicant, according to what is searched on the job site. Some examples are:

- Languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are mastered
- Robotics knowledge or programming languages
- Professional driver's license
- Extra work activities that show group management

The important thing here is the relevant word: Knowing how to paint in watercolor, practice sports or other activities that are hobbies and would not contribute to professional performance are over and will only bore those who read the resume. The same if Windows, Word or Excel domain is included, since that's something that's expected of anyone.

Profesional references

Having a person who supports our skills and can testify to them can be interesting for those who read the resume, especially if it's a prominent individual in the area. In these cases you must include the name, position and date you were in relation to that person, in addition to telephone or contact email.

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