What is the Main Purpose of a Job Description


The job description is a tool often overlooked and put aside by managers. Yet, it's simple and solidifies the basics of several activities in human resources management. It's used as part of sound management to help both the manager and the employee. We list here the purpose of job description in an organization:

Purpose of job description for the employer, it allows:

1. Develop the basis of its recruitment and selection process in order to attract, properly select and retain candidates who meet the requirements, thus increasing your chances of doing the right job;

2. Develop an integration and training plan targeted to the needs of the job, ensuring that your new hiring starts on the right foot;

3. To evaluate positions in order to build and maintain a fair and equitable compensation structure and to proceed with the exercise of pay equity, and therefore to better evaluate the classification of each position in the interests of pay equity;

4. To clarify the roles and responsibilities of each, thus avoiding issues of management and disengagement.

"As a result, these benefits will increase the performance of the organization."

Purpose of job description for the employee, it allows:

1. Facilitate its integration as it clarifies its role and the organization's expectations towards it;

2. Participate in their development plan in relation to their current skill level and the desired skills identified in the job description;

3. Know the responsibilities and tasks on which it will be evaluated;

4. Knowledge of potential hazards related to occupational health and safety.

"As a result, it could help solidify commitment and increase performance."

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