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What is Management

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Management is literally managing and originates from the French word " menagement ", which in turn means as much as leading, directing and the Latin word " manu agere ", which means taking the lead means to lead. You manage on the basis of vision and mission and the deployment of a certain strategy. Make specific plans for this, structure the organization and manage the staff and finally check whether the intended goals are being achieved.

Who plays which role?

This is difficult to determine. A small " re " organization can place the person who has to implement all aspects in a general director / manager. For a large multinational, for example, the person ultimately responsible is the person who, based on vision and mission, determines the starting points and the " layers underneath " are the managers who shape it operationally. Of course, the ultimate responsibility in every organization is the person who is in charge and needs to be informed about the progress of affairs, but he or she isn't the one who does it all himself.

Concrete plans

Concrete plans must be such that they can be followed and measured. The SMART model is such a model that has all the necessary aspects, namely

- Specific
- Measurable
- Acceptable
- Realistic
- Timely

To record matters with employees " conduct 'official meetings' 3 times a year to assess the employee's development and activities and, if necessary, adjust them in the interim " these can also be done using the SMART method. Clear to everyone.

Which areas of attention are there?

Of course you need higher and middle management in all kinds of areas, this depends on the size and structure of the organization. The division is roughly as follows:

- General " for entire organization ": Strategic, financial, operations " the various operational line departments "
- Specific " department or unit ": IT, human resource management, marketing, sales, office / facility
- Specific " task ": quality, change, information

The models

There are different management models, but they all have fixed areas of attention, namely

- Strategy
- Structure
- Culture
- People
- Resources
- Results


Many young people want to become managers as a next step in their career and yet there are few good managers. The manager is a versatile person who needs to have an eye for the development of the industry, the structure of his own organization, the people who work in that organization and the results that were previously set as goals. To be able to do this and be, you obviously need the right people around you and yourself the skills to " manage " all of the above.


Recently, it was stated in the paper that the manager is having a harder time due to the shortage of staff on the market. People should be " cherished " to prevent run-off and better organize work when they leave. Strange that people now notice this. The personnel of your company is always important and not only now that they can easily get started elsewhere. And organizing the work is always part of the manager's job. Perhaps the better managers are now emerging, because you don't hear them. They just do their job!

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