What is Job Description With Example


How to Define the Job Description?

The job description highlights the objectives and characteristics of the work to be done. When the employee has already joined the company, it is useful for monitoring the performance of his job and serves as the basis for the annual assessment interview.

How to make a good job description?

Making a job description includes the functions to be performed and much more. There are few Human Resources departments that do it correctly, so we leave you the following indications so that nothing remains in the inkwell.

1. Objectives

The objectives of that position in the company and the role it plays should be detailed.

2. Availability to travel or placed elsewhere

There are places that require a lot of availability to travel. Some may even require the worker to move to a place that's not their usual residence. It's very important that this is detailed because not everyone is willing to do this, so it's preferable to know before the job interview.

3. Environmental conditions of work

Describing environmental working conditions is important when they can be adverse for the worker, for example a noisy environment. However, they must always be described, even in cases where they are understood.

Likewise, it must also be detailed if there is a risk of accidents and if the performance of the functions of that position may endanger people outside it.

4. Workday

This is evident but it's not bad to remember. The job description must include all the details of the employee's workday:

  • Schedule in which he works, if possible indicating the hours of entry and exit.
  • Vacation enjoyment time and if there are limitations to it.
  • If it will work or not on weekends.

As previously mentioned, all these specifications serve as a discard for those who would not accept a job depending on what time it was.

5. Training

This specification usually appears almost always at the beginning, if it's not the title of the position in question. It consists of mentioning both the regulated and unregulated training that the candidate will have .

Also here it will be mentioned if the candidate has to have a previous interview or not and if he is going to have a training period once he enters the company. Although it's not the most common in Spain, there are some positions that carry a career plan and this must also be specified.

6. Description of job functions

We leave this section for the end because it's the one that companies usually best meet. However, remember what to include.

  • All activities that the worker will perform.
  • Frequency and time devoted to each of the activities.
  • Documents that are handled.
  • Computer programs that you have to know how to use.
  • Relations with other departments.

Also here it will be mentioned if within the functions of the worker are the relations with other companies.

7. Observations

Here we will detail other requirements that haven't appeared before, such as the availability of your own vehicle. The salary range may also appear .

At the end of the offer will come the details so that people who want that job can request it correctly.

Example: Job Description of administrative job position

To see an example of a job description, we take the case of an administrative assistant job. Let's see it in parts.

1. Name of the position

The name of the post will be written "administrative assistant". The department where you'll work, who supervises you and who supervises this administrative assistant will also appear.

2. Objectives

The objective of this position is usually the collaboration with the chief contributing to the operation of the administrative processes of the firm.

The objectives usually give very general descriptions that will be specified in the following sections.

3. General functions

  • Answer calls during office hours.
  • Writing documents or emails.
  • Assist in monthly billing.
  • Preparation of the logistics part of meetings.
  • Making photocopies.
  • Document files.
  • Purchase tickets for trips from supervisors and other members of the department.

4. Relationship with other departments

You'll interact with the general manager of the company to discuss the meeting agenda. Also with the accounting department to help with billing.

5. Knowledge and skills

  • Bachelor in Humanities or Higher Education Professional Training studies of the administrative family.
  • At least one year of professional experience in similar positions.
  • Experience in inventory and warehouse management.

6. Other observations and requirements

  • Own vehicle.
  • Hours: from 8 to 16 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • Salary range: 15,000 dollars gross per year.

Some offers also include age requirements.

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