What is an Organizational Chart


An organization chart is a scheme of the organization of a company, entity or activity. The term is also used to name the graphic representation of the operations carried out within the framework of an industrial or computer process.

An organizational chart allows to analyze the structure of the organization represented and fulfills an informative role, offering data on the general characteristics of the organization.

The organization charts can include the names of the people who run each department or division of the entity, to explain the hierarchical relationships and competencies in force.

In this way, the organizational charts must represent in a graphic or schematic way the different levels of hierarchy and the relationship between them. They don't have to go into detail, but their mission is to offer information that is easy to understand and easy to use.

Three types of organization chart can be mentioned. The general flowcharts are those that offer a simplified view of the organization, since only exhibit the most important information. The analytical flowcharts , however, show more detailed data and more specific. Finally, supplementary organizational charts are a complement to analytics.

However, although this is a generalized classification of the types of existing organizational charts based on what are the functions performed in each area, we cannot ignore the fact that there is another typology that revolves around what It's the structure of those. Starting from this premise we find the following types:

Horizontal organization chart. It's characterized by the fact that in it what the hierarchies are are shown from left to right.

Vertical organization chart In their case, the aforementioned hierarchies are presented in the form of a pyramid, that is, the most important authority will be above and the worker with less decision power will be below.

Circular organization chart The center of it's the most important authority within the entity or company and, starting from it, the circles that represent the rest of its members are formed based on their power and position.

Mixed organization chart This type is characterized by being a mixture of the first two types mentioned.

Scalar organization chart. The main sign of identity that identifies this kind of organization chart is that the authority is associated with the indentations in such a way that the more indented a person has within that less power he will have within the company.

In addition to all of the above we can say that any company, entity or institution has its own organization chart. Thus, there is the same in any municipality as in any private company or in various government ministries.

It's important to keep in mind that no organization chart can be fixed or invariable. That is, an organizational chart is a kind of photograph of the structure of an organization at a given time. With the passage of time, the entire existing structure and relationships undergo changes, which must be reflected with organizational chart updates or even with the design and development of a completely new organization chart that leaves the previous one without value.

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