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What is an Employment Verification Letter

A letter as proof of employment (also called a work experience certificate/letter) is a type of formal correspondence, usually written by an employer to validate an employee's work history. Employment verification letters are often requirements to apply for loans, rent properties, apply for a new job or some other circumstance in which one would need to verify their work history. When writing such a letter, you must explain who you are, provide a true summary of the employee's work and verify that it works for you. You must write it on letterhead and make sure you provide your contact information and sign it.

Consider why you're going to write the letter

Depending on who is going to read it, the content and tone may vary. If you're going to write the letter for a financial institution, the tone should be more professional and you should include the employee's financial information (for example, their salaries, commissions, i ncreases and bonuses). On the contrary, if you're going to write the letter for an employee who is going to apply for a new job, the tone may be more friendly and it will not be necessary to include the financial information.

Understanding the purpose and scope of the letter will help you write one that fits well with the needs of the recipient.

Think about who should write the letter

Usually, these letters are written by employers on behalf of their employees. In this case, an employee may ask you to write an employment verification letter in your capacity as an employer for a specific purpose. On the other hand, it's also possible for the same employee to write the letter. In this case, you as an employee write the letter and then ask your employer to sign or modify it as you see fit.

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