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What is a Work Certificate

A work experience certificate - also named as an employee experience letter - is an compulsory document given by the employer to the employee upon expiration of their contract of employment and which are mentioned identity of the parties, the date of entry and exit of the employee and the nature of employment which has played. The certificate must be signed by the employer.

So it's a document that proves the employment relationship of a worker and company.

Usually the work certificate must be delivered within 48 hours after completing the labor contract between the employer and employee in a mandatory manner.

Why an employee request a work experience letter?

The work certificates are normally requested from the companies by their interested workers. These are usually very useful for people as they are a simple way to show that their work situation is stable. In a work record the director of the company assures that the interested person works in that company and mentions his date of entry to it.

This type of records are usually very useful for carrying out bureaucratic procedures such as the issuance of migration documents (visas), or for the application of some credit

Characteristics of a work certificate

1. You must not describe the behavior of the worker.
2. Signature of the general manager of the company.
3. Start date and end of the employment contract.
4. Identity and address of the company.
5. Job position.

What happens with the company that doesn't want to deliver the work certificate?

The worker can report through the Ministry of Labor so that the company fulfills its obligation and could be sanctioned as the case may be.

Example for how to format the work experience certificate

Title: Work Certificate

Mr. (name of the manager), Identified with (number of employer ID), accounting manager of (name of the company) with ID (number).


That, Mr. (name of employee), Identified with (number of employee), has worked in our company as (employee's position), during the period from ( date of beginning of work) until (end) of the contract), demonstrating during his stay responsibility, honesty and dedication in the tasks that were entrusted to him. This is issued at the request of the interested party, for the purposes it deems appropriate.

date (John, July 09, 2019.)

Signature and position

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