What is a Training Program


An induction process or induction program is a process or program that a new employee goes through when he or she starts in the position at the organization with which the employee has entered into an employment contract. An induction program or induction program is usually the first real introduction to the work of the company and the workplace. During the application procedure, a tour may have been discussed and discussions may have been held with (future) colleagues, but the applicant is of course not an employee.

That is a different story with the induction process. There is indeed a relationship of authority in the training process. The employee has an employer with whom he or she has concluded an employment contract. This means that a familiarization process is usually not without obligation. The employee will therefore have to participate in the induction process and must follow the corresponding instructions and steps.

Importance of a good induction program or induction process

During a job interview and a tour, a (future) employee often gets a reasonable impression of the work, the working atmosphere and the workplace. This offers a certain pattern of expectation that the new employee takes to his or her first working day. The expectation pattern or the first impression will be tested with the situation that the employee finds on the first working day. In addition to a great deal of knowledge, the employee will get many impressions during this first working day or first working week.

A good training program or training program is of great importance for the employee but also for the manager. An employee can become acquainted with the work and colleagues in the workplace during the induction process. It's of course important for the new employee that he or she is expected. In addition, it's important for a new force that he or she knows who acts as a point of contact in case there are questions. In some cases it's nice that certain working methods, programs and systems are shown or run through. An experienced employee can properly support the new strength in this.

If the employee is not helped through a training program, the chance of errors increases. The employee can also feel insecure or even unwanted when a warm welcome and a good training course are missing. Moreover, a good training program can ensure that the employee knows more quickly what is expected of him or her and where he or she can find the desired information. The time invested in an introductory program is therefore often recouped quickly in practice. The better the employee is trained, the faster the employee can be deployed effectively.

Tips for a good introduction process

A good introduction process starts with good preparation. The company will be able to draw up a procedure in which it's clearly laid down where the new employee's workplace is located and who will guide the employee during the induction process. Of course, the workplace must be arranged in advance for the arrival of the new employee. For example, a desk, desk chair but also a PC or laptop must be present so that the employee can immediately get started with the training process. This is of course the case with a desk function or office function. Also for technical professions a workplace or workbench must of course be made available with the necessary tools.

Before the employee appears on his or her first working day, it's advisable to inform the employee about the training process by means of a letter or information package. Then the employee can already prepare well for the process. It's important that the steps of the training process are clearly clear to the employer, the new employee and the person who will be training him or her. This step-by-step plan can be written out completely or visualized in a kind of flow chart.

During the implementation of the step-by-step plan, it's possible to schedule various moments at which steps are completed or checked and evaluated. Then you can clearly see during the training process how far the training process has progressed. It's also possible to check whether the new employee completes the training process properly or whether there are delays or problems. Then one can try to find out and resolve the causes of these delays or problems so that the training process can still be made a success.

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