What is a Professional Experience


The experience is a degree in any field of life both personally and in the field professional .

From a labor point of view, professional experience is a requirement requested by many companies when they publish a job offer. For example, among the requirements of a job offer, you can request that the candidate have five years of experience in a given area.

Practical knowledge

Professional experience is a fundamental step for any university student who at the end of his career has great theoretical knowledge but has no practical experience. For this reason, it's convenient to be humble to continue learning every day from personal experience but also, from the experience of other coworkers and of course, from the suggestions of the boss.

Also, these issues are reflected in the curriculum. The candidate details in the curriculum the professional experiences that he accumulates specifying the dates in which he has worked in each company and the position he has occupied in each one.


From the point of view of happiness, anyone wants to have professional experience, anyone wants to work in an area that really makes him happy. But the relationship between work and professional vocation doesn't always occur as a cause and effect.

When writing the curriculum to qualify as a candidate for a job position, it's convenient to customize the curriculum by prioritizing those previous work experiences that may be in connection with the current job offer. Should select the information in the curriculum and in the letter of presentation .

Age, a mirror of experience

The age factor has a direct influence since by pure logic , a person who is forty years old has more experience than a young university student of twenty years. From the point of view of emotional intelligence , professional experience is essential to gain self-confidence , strengthen self-esteem , train personal skills ...

It should be pointed out that in the face of good professional recycling (updating of the curriculum and knowledge) it's very important to bet on constant training through courses attending conferences and reading books. Having a constant curiosity is essential to continue learning.

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