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Presentation Letter

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The presentation letter - known also as a cover letter - is one of the documents used in the job search process. It is a writing that indicates our willingness to work in a company. The letter of introduction accompanies the resume and aims to attract the attention of the person in charge of personnel selection so that it takes us into consideration as a candidate to fill a job.


The cover letter can be spontaneous when it doesn't respond to any job offer (self-candidacy) and in response to a job offer.

Structure and content

The form of the letter in the two previous types is similar, they differ in content. The cover letter presents the following structure:

1- Personal information

- Name and surname of the sender
- Street, no., Floor
- Postal code - City
- Contact
- phone Mobile phone
- e-mail

2- Company data

- Company name
- Department (if applicable)
- Name and surname of the person to whom it's addressed (if known)
- Address
- Postal code - City

3- Location and date

The reference will also be indicated when the letter responds to an offer.

4- Reason for the letter

Clear and brief explanation of the reasons for applying for the job.

5- Qualifications

Description of the skills and qualifications that make us deserve to perform a job in the company, you can also make a brief mention of the content of the resume

6- Closing

Request to be part of the company or participate in the personnel selection process. Farewell

7- Firm

When writing a cover letter it's necessary to take care of some important aspects.

Formal aspects. To consider:

- Use the same paper format and quality in both the letter and the resume.
- The letter must be written on A4 paper.
- It should not occupy more than one sheet.
- You have to take care of the writing and watch the spelling mistakes.
- Try not to use long sentences.
- Do not repeat words, use synonyms or change the expression.
- The letter must be positive.
- The letter must "sell" to the editor, that is to the person seeking employment.
- Keep a copy of the letter so that, if selected, know exactly what was written and what aspects were highlighted. There is always a time between the letter and the answer.

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