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What is a Labor Lawyer

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It doesn't matter if you are new or have already been working for many years, there is always the possibility that, at some point, you may need a labor lawyer to help you defend your rights as a worker.

In any judicial process it's necessary to have the services of a professional in the matter, that is, a lawyer. Legal and judicial issues are something that not everyone dominates perfectly, so it's essential to get advice from someone with training in that area.

Within the branches of law, there is labor law, a regulatory system that regulates certain types of dependent work and labor relations. It's here that a labor lawyer becomes important.

Also known as a labor lawyer, is the professional specializing in Labor Law or Labor Law, who is responsible for advising and solving the problems that arise in labor relations.

Functions of a labor lawyer

A labor lawyer seek to ensure the rights of workers. In addition, it's responsible for advising on everything related to the conclusion and termination of contracts, negotiating with unions and informing and advising on the rights of workers.

The objective of a labor lawyer is to prevent the employer from misusing his position, abusing and exploiting his workers.

When do I need a labor lawyer?

With what has been explained above, labor lawyers are the right personnel to turn to when a worker feels that their labor rights are not being respected. A labor lawyer will help find a resolution of the conflict, ensuring the welfare of the worker.

Among the cases for which you might need a labor lawyer are:

- Labor discrimination: that occurs when excluding or having a preference in the treatment occurred in a work relationship. This can be by race, religion, sex, political preference, etc.
- Abuse of authority or abuse of power: it arises when a leader or a person with a higher work position abuses or exceeds the limit of what the law allows him to do as an authority, often making threats of dismissal or the loss of other rights of the worker If your requirement is not met.
- Unjustified employment dismissal: which occurs when the worker considers that the cause of dismissal doesn't apply, so it can appeal to a trial.
- Work accidents.
- Forced overtime.
- Breach of maternity and paternity leave.
- Bad work conditions
- Self- dismissal / indirect dismissal : which occurs when the worker decides to end the employment relationship when the employer has stopped complying with the provisions of the contract.
- Negotiation of collective agreements.

Advantages of having a labor lawyer

When I need a labor lawyer and decide to hire their services, the advantages are many. An example of this are cases of dismissal .

When a dismissal occurs, whether appropriate or inadmissible, the lawyer who has the company or business will not advocate for the rights of the worker, but will obviously do so for the interests of the company, so have a labor lawyer for your Side will be of the utmost importance.

Another scenario where I need a work lawyer is in the case of work or travel accidents, in order to access the compensation or compensation that it deserves, as the case may be.

In summary, whether in case of dismissal, work accident or whatever the cause you want to sue your employer, having the services of a labor lawyer will guarantee that there will be someone to represent you and defend your rights against the abuses you may be suffering.

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