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What is a Job

Job (Work) is any type of action performed by someone regardless of its characteristics or circumstances; it means all human activity that can or should be recognized as work among the multiple activities that man is capable of and to which he is predisposed by nature itself by virtue of his humanity.

The need to work perhaps had its origin, millennia ago, in the basic instinct of man to survive and perpetuate himself as a species. In that lonely and hostile world, man had to use all his potential to provide himself with food, make his clothes and housing, make his utensils, tools and weapons, to protect his children.

From the individual point of view, work is all that man does for his satisfaction, joy and well-being; The entire range of activities that meet your primary needs, as well as achieve material and spiritual wealth for yourself, yours and your country.

The person when doing a job can have different purposes. If the work is done to obtain economic gains that guarantee our subsistence, we call it "productive work" or "paid".

When an activity that is common to all, that doesn't cease and on which our well-being and safety depend; She is "maintenance and conservation" or "daily work." It's impossible to conceive of life without this work; from fixing the bed when we wake up to changing a rubber in the car or conditioning the work table.

The "social work" is the assistance that we provide to other like no other intention than aid; which means another way of carrying out actions in society that must become increasingly important and be part of the daily work of each member of society.

In physics, the word work is used in a different sense; It's the magnitude measured by the product of a force applied to a body and the displacement it performs in the same direction of the force is known as mechanical work.

There are other meanings regarding work, one of them is related to the someone's difficulty, impediment or effort; For example, it took a lot of work to get that job. Likewise, work refers to the unfavorable situation that causes suffering, narrowness or misery; For example, Sara has had a great job in her childhood.

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