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Job Agreement

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An job agreement - employment contract - is an agreement between employer and worker by which he is obliged to provide certain services on behalf of the employer and under his direction, in exchange for compensation.

About rights and duties

An employment contract implies rights for the worker, which become obligations for the employer. At the same time, the obligations contracted by the worker become the rights of his employer.

Examples of worker rights:

- To effective occupation during the workday.
- To promotion and training at work.
- Not to be discriminated against to access a job.
- To physical integrity and privacy.
- To promptly receive the agreed remuneration.
- The others established in the employment contract.

Examples of duties of the worker:

- Fulfill the specific obligations of the job in accordance with the principles of good faith and diligence.
- Comply with the safety and hygiene measures adopted.
- Comply with the orders and instructions of the employer in the exercise of his managerial function.
- Do not perform the same activity as the company in competition with it. Contribute to improve productivity.
- The others established in the employment contract.

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