What is a CV Template


The Definition of "CV Template"

A cv template is a standard career term refers to a created layout that help you when making your cv. Designing or choosing/buying a cv template is considered as the first step for building your CV.

Do I need a CV template?

In today's competitive market, every job application you submit will face stiff competition. A professional and eye-catching CV template is the best way to get the attention of the employer, who will leaf through a stack of almost identical candidates. Even if the content of your CV is perfect, the solid and clear presentation of an excellent CV template can be what gives you an advantage over other candidates. So, do you need a CV template?

No. But why risk? A good template can be the difference between the selected list and the recycle bin.

What is important in a CV template?

Employers spend very little time looking at each curriculum they receive, so it's important that your CV is eye-catching and easy to read. A good CV template clearly presents the information an employer needs, while showing why you're the best candidate. Using the right template, you can be sure that your CV is elegant, easy to navigate and designed to attract the attention of employers.

How do I choose a CV template?

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a CV template is the post to which you apply. Make sure that the template you choose adapts to both your field of work and the company in which you submit your application. For more traditional companies and sectors, it uses a simple and professional template. For the most modern companies, a more colorful and expressive CV will give you an advantage.

Designing a good CV template

Listed below some tips that help to design the correct layout for your CV or to conider if you'll buy/download a ready-made template.

1- White is better

During a job interview, the employer or recruiter usually prints out your CV and motivation letter for reference during the interview. In a time where much attention is paid to waste, it's a shame if half an ink cartridge has to be wasted on a large colored or black area on your CV. That's not a good first impression during your conversation.

Moreover, a CV with a lot of white space looks quiet, and therefore a lot more professional.

Do you send a cover letter with CV by post? Then you can possibly opt for a CV on colored paper. Only choose a light shade (off-white, light gray) or a slightly warmer recycled paper. However, don't make it too crazy, with a CV on orange or purple paper, for example.

2- Increase your chances with a scanable CV

An employer or recruiter will continue to determine within 9 seconds whether your CV is worth studying. Make it easy for the recruiter, and display the most important information in a well-scanable layout. With bulletpoints in the right places, the content of your CV can be read quickly.

3- Don't overdo color accents and fonts

With variation in the font used and its size, but also with color accents you make the CV a little more playful, but at the same time also clearer. Don't overdo it, however, because with too many accents and font variation, your CV will quickly become a letter fair.

Preferably use a maximum of 2 fonts. The more different fonts you use, the more messy the overall picture is. Choose a business font. Arial, Verdana, Calibri or Tahoma are suitable. A playful font, such as Comic Sans, or a traditional font, such as Courier or Georgia, is less pleasant to read.

Give all parts from the content of your CV a different font size and / or font thickness. A slightly larger letter, color accent or bold print head ensures that the parts can be better distinguished from each other.

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