What Format to Send a CV by Mail


The question that's most frequently asked when you finalize your CV and motivation letter is that of the correct file type for your documents. What is better? Send your CV as a Word or PDF file?

You send your CV as a Word document (.doc / .docx)

If the file type doesn't specifically ask for a file type, you use a Word file. So .doc or docx. The distinction between these two types (.doc and .docx) is that .docx can only be opened with MS Word versions from 2007. The specific use of .doc is therefore no longer relevant.

When do you use a PDF file?

You send a CV as a PDF so that a recipient can no longer change it after opening your (personal) document. You do this, for example, to preserve the layout of your CV and motivation letter or to prevent unwanted adjustments. When your CV is read by different people with different versions of MS Word, it may be that your entire layout is shown incorrectly. Annoying when a recruiter forwards your CV to a potential employer!

With an MS Word file by ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

If you're applying for a large company, then you're best off with a CV in an MS Word file. Many of the major entrepreneurs use ATS systems in their recruiting process. The software scans the CV of all applicants before it reaches a recruiter or employer. Word documents are easier to read for the ATS software than your .PDF files. This way you know for sure that your documents themselves don't cause any problems.

This is how you save your CV and motivation letter as .PDF

When saving your CV and letters, choose 'Document'> 'Save as'> select 'PDF'. Don't forget to also save your files as a Word file so that nothing is lost. Always check whether the .PDF file also correctly displays the layout.

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