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Whether you're attending secondary school or university course, you're consciously or unknowingly concerned with your future career. If you have chosen a course such as medicine, then you often already have an idea about what your career will look like. But for anyone who has chosen a 'broad study' or is still looking for a course, the future is often still unclear in terms of their career.

It's never too early to think about what different options there are and which direction you would like to go. But how do you start this great search?

Find out for yourself what you would like to do

Instead of thinking that you just have to choose a job or career, consider for yourself how you'll see your life in 10 years. When do you think you're successful in your career? And more important: what makes you happy? In recent years you have had so many different influences from your parents, your friends, your school, and what a successful future looks like according to them. But that doesn't mean that you feel the same way. Is making enough money to be able to buy a big house and a nice car the most important thing? Or do you find it more important that you get satisfaction from the work you do and that you leave the house with a good feeling every day? That just depends on what you need. Some people see work as a means to an end, for others their work is the end in itself.

If you ask yourself about what is most important to you in your life and where your genuine interest lies, it can help you get the ball rolling. Write these thoughts down and let them rest for a while to think about them again later. This can help eliminate certain careers, because it turns out not to be something for you. This way you filter the things that you really like!

You can then go Googling on what you like. In this way you'll soon discover what is possible in your area of ​​interest. Specifically, you can already orientate yourself on the courses and courses that are necessary for your future career. Is there a course that suits what you want to do? You can also look for vacancies in your area of ​​interest to see what it means to work in this industry. Searching for vacancies can also be used to find a part-time job or holiday work, for example through StudentJob , which means that you can already gain experience in your future field of work. This way you can find out if it really works for you and you already have the first work experience in your pocket !

Talk to a professional about career opportunities

You can also talk to a professional in the field of career opportunities. You may think that you're only eligible for career coaching if you have already built a career and feel that you need a change or aren't satisfied with your current situation. But why would that be so? Before you start your career, it makes much more sense to start a conversation with a career coach to talk about your future. This coach can perhaps help prevent you from making the wrong choice.

With a career coach you can discuss the ideas that you have at that time and they can give you advice based on their knowledge and expertise. A career coach doesn't have to be expensive if you're still in school. Every educational institution has someone who can provide free career guidance or ask your mentor / tutor / coach to talk about your career instead of just about your results at school.

A successful career doesn't come to everyone, and the meaning of success is also very personal. So the more you think about your future career, the more likely it's that you make a choice that suits you!

Which job suits your personality

Know what you want: it sounds easier than it sometimes is. You choose a specialization, you graduate and then you inevitably get to the next step: the labor market. You have never had so many choices: which job suits your personality and which one does not? Below we provide an overview of which character traits perfectly match which jobs.

- Stress resistant, flexible

Deadlines give you an adrenaline rush, unexpected situations keep you sharp. Structure is easy, but absolutely not necessary. Your dream job is never boring and anything but 9 to 5: take a look at journalism , positions in the medical sector or get started in safety & security .

- Initiator, dominant, self-assured

You're happy to give your opinion and you're inclined to take the lead. People like you shouldn't shy away from a management position, because you're someone who controls. You can go in many sectors, as long as you can bear the responsibility . Shop manager , director or perhaps CEO ?

- Creative, innovative, original

You're artistically laid out. When people ask you if you have 'an' idea, you usually have five. Graphic design, fashion, video production, photography, art, music, culture, ... all paths lead to creativity for you .It doesn't necessarily mean that you make art yourself, you can also work for a cultural center, for an advertising company , for a television channel or for a record company.

- Enthusiastic, motivated, spontaneous

You have an enormous amount of energy, work quickly and are simply unstoppable. For you, quality is more than quantity, but that doesn't apply to the number of working hours. You're an organizer in heart and soul and therefore you are an expert in organizing festivals / events, in public relations , press trips, etc.

- Introverted, calm, punctual

You radiate an enormous peace and therefore are a trusted person for many. You're not easily distracted and extremely accurate. Structure is your middle name and others can only benefit from it, because everyone likes to work with such planners. Jobs that are perfect for you? Something with language, numbers, chemistry ... as long as you can work in detail!

- Rational, goal-oriented

You always go straight for your goal and you find it extremely important to be to the point. No time to lose, we must continue. You may very well be suitable for a job in sales!

- Extrovert, socially, emotionally involved

If there is something that graces you, it's your condolences. You take care of others and are prepared to go to the extreme for them. A job in health care or perhaps education? You were born to work with people!

So, now you already know which directions suit you perfectly. Make a choice between the many vacancies on our website and be guided by professional recruiters!

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