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What are You Supposed to Say in a Cover Letter

You write a cover letter to accompany your resume. Did you know that your resume is read first? This is therefore first selected. Then a recruiter looks at your application or motivation letter. In it he looks for answers to the following questions: "What are you bringing to the organization?" and "Why should we invite you?" So make sure you answer this in your cover letter.

Content cover letter

It's important that you don't simply repeat your resume. But what do you put in your cover letter?


Describe where you encountered the vacancy, that you're pleased with it and that you're applying for the position. Call in advance to get more information about the company and the position so that you can respond to this in your cover letter. State the name of this contact person in your introduction.


Answer the question: "What are you bringing to the organization?" Tell your contribution to the goal or problem of the other person. Indicate that you know what the other person needs and what you have in house to solve that. Here you can respond to the answers from the telephone conversation, the job description or information that you have received from someone from your network.

Are you suitable?

Name two relevant issues from your resume that underline that you fit the job well. This is in line with your motivation whereby you explain what you have at home. You can underline the qualities you mention by mentioning an example from the past or from your resume.


Closing an cover letter is often standard. The point is that you let us know that you would like to present yourself in a personal conversation. Be sure of your case in your conclusion and avoid words such as hope and thinking. So not: "I hope I can come for an interview." But: "I would like to talk."

Keep it short and powerful

The following applies to a cover letter: shorter = better. A short cover letter will be completely read earlier. Therefore start from four paragraphs with four to five sentences per paragraph. Just like with your resume, everything in your cover letter must contribute to your goal: be invited to an interview. So make sure that everything you write down matches what the employer needs .

What doesn't belong in your cover letter?

Just as important as what you do include in your cover letter, there is also information that you should leave out. Because it doesn't belong in your letter or because it ensures that a letter with this information is taken less seriously:

  • That this position is a challenge / new step in your career for you.
  • Lots of background information about your life and family (s situation).
  • A repeat of your affairs from your resume.
  • Negative experiences with previous employers.
  • Requirements or conditions under which you would take the job.
  • References (belong to your resume).

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