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What are the Resume Skills

Need to know what are the resume skills? this article defines the resume skills and shows you how to state competences and skills on your resume with examples.
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The resume skills are apart from education and work experience, everyone has certain skills and competences, of which they excel and are very proud of. These qualities are your strengths. Within the "skills" section you have the opportunity to present this in a good way. Yet this is the part on a resume that often remains the most unused. Candidates often don't know how to make good use of this and in most cases only give a summary of general skills and competences.

How to state competences and skills on your resume?

If you're applying for a specific position, you usually adjust your letter of application to the vacancy. However, many applicants forget to take a good look at the resume and adjust it. Often exactly the same resume is sent with every application, which is a missed opportunity. Recruiters often look in the first place at a resume to get a first impression and make a shortlist.

Often the desired skills are literally stated in a vacancy. If these skills apply to you, then you're well advised to emphasize them on your resume.

In addition, you can think about which skills fit well with a particular position. For a manager, "leadership" or "communication skills" are of course very important. For an administrative employee, "accuracy" and "being able to work in a structured way" is an important quality.

Below you'll find the top 5 most requested competences. These skills are almost always good to mention:

  • Collaborate
  • Customer focus
  • Persuasiveness
  • Result orientation
  • To lead

How to describe these skills and competences?

Once you have compiled a good list, consider what you excel at and what you can actually tell about it to prove this. Of course you can make a list of all your strengths, but it's much better to highlight only a few competencies and to tell you something more about this. Try to identify quantifiable facts when sketching a situation.

Some examples:

In my role as manager I was responsible for the daily management of 36 people. Under my leadership, overall production has increased by more than 25% within a year.

Customer focus
As a customer support employee I had a customer satisfaction score of 93% and was among the top 3 of my division.

In the first 6 months as an employee at company x I managed to convince my manager to switch to a new CRM software package, with the result that sales improved by more than 40%.

The Skills Resume

If you have very strong skills, but are less proud of your work experience, you can choose to give your skills the lead role on your resume with a so-called skills resume. This can be a solution for people who have been job hopping for a while, have a huge gap in their resume or simply don't have any (relevant) work experience.

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