Employee Responsibility


Employees who have just entered work have a certain responsibility towards the company and society in general. Therefore, employees apart from the requirements required by the position must also have integrity, commitment, ethics and teamwork.

What are the Responsibilities of an Employee?

1. Know your position and assigned tasks: Each employee is responsible for knowing their assigned functions and tasks but also the boss or responsible person must make sure that the worker has mastered the skills necessary to complete the task completely.

If the employee isn't sure how to handle the assigned work, he must communicate to his superiors to obtain suggestions and guidance in the fulfillment of the work, this will help in building good relationships not only with his superiors but also with his colleagues.

2. Have a work plan: Having a work plan or calendar allows employees to better manage their time and meet the deadlines assigned for their tasks.

3. Use available resources and assume responsibilities: Employees must have a sense of responsibility towards the Organization's resources. As part of the Organization, each employee is equally responsible for the resources in it both in use and care.

4. Participation: Active listening and participation allows employees to work in teams, at the same time superiors must take advantage of this to communicate the company's objectives and how to achieve them by working both sides. If this is carried out satisfactorily, employees must take the initiative when a new task is presented instead of trying to avoid it.

5. Be punctual and avoid missing: The main responsibility of every employee is punctuality and assistance since absences and delays cause many problems to companies, specially for work that's not done or is carried out late.

6. Cleaning above all: When we talk about cleaning, we not only refer to personal hygiene but also to the cleanliness of our office or work area, a clean place allows us to increase the motivation to work.

7. Use of toilets and common areas for all employees: Please use the toilets taking into account that you're not the only person who is using it. If there is a sector that's shared by all workers, care should be taken to take greater care in both protection and cleaning.

8. Material savings: Employees should develop the habit of saving and avoid spending raw material or supplies granted by the company, this will save money that can be used in other sectors of the company.

9. Critical Thinking and Suggestions: The worker must always be willing to show his suggestions and criticisms regarding some activity of the company, both employees and superiors must work together to increase work efficiency and organizational development.

Every employee must collaborate in the growth of the organization, remember that when the organization grows, the individual and the nation also develop.

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