The Benefits of a Resume Template


Are you ready for building your resume, do you know how you'll construct, what sections to include? take a few minutes to read our guidelines that will help you to make a good resume.

Creating a resume isn't as easy as it may seem at first. The first time you need a resume and put it behind your PC you'll find that you constantly have to ask yourself which information you do and which information you don't include. The time that you write down all the information in your resume that you can come up with is over. A resume is your calling card and not your life course. Wouldn't you also pay some extra attention to the layout and format of your resume? A resume template can help you create your resume. How?

Laying out your resume is more important than you may think

A professional layout of your resume is currently more important than ever. Recruiters often scan / view your resume for no more than a few seconds(!) After which it's put away. In these few seconds you have to distinguish yourself so positively that you end up in the right pile. Of course you distinguish yourself from others by the content, but in these few seconds the layout can be decisive. Precisely because there is so little time, the layout remains 'stuck' with the reader.

Resume template

Many resume templates can be found online. For example, Microsoft Word has a number of resume templates. If you use Word, you already have a number of templates on your computer that can help you create your resume. To use a resume template, open Microsoft Word and go to 'file' and 'new'. Then you can (under 'templates') choose a resume template.

What are the benefits of a resume template?

A resume template offers a clear structure that forces you to structure information more or less. The layout allows you to present information in bite-sized chunks, which increases legibility. Furthermore, a resume template ensures that your document has a professional layout and layout. If you're not that handy with Word, this is a relatively easy way to get a professional resume. It's therefore wise to choose a template when creating your resume.

Which resume template do you choose?

I advise you not to just choose a template. For example, consider how conservative or modern the organization is where you're applying. In addition, choose a template that fits the function and, last but not least, yourself. Also consider whether you need a chronological or competence resume.

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