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Some years ago, going to a job interview with a high level of English or more than three years of experience was almost a guarantee to find a job. However, today things have changed and recruiters are looking for candidates who have personal qualities that they can contribute to the company and also gather a series of technical skills related to the position. And what are the skills most valued by companies? Keep reading and find out what are the 10 qualities that will make you succeed in a job interview.

When you go to a job interview it's important that you know that the interviewer will not only look at what he puts in your resume, but also pay attention to your way of dealing with certain situations or the way you solve a problem. For that reason, it's essential that you maintain an adequate attitude and an honest and coherent speech in which the following personal qualities can be perceived.

The 10 skills that will make you succeed in a job interview

1. Commitment: Companies value positively that you're a person committed to your work and to the company's corporate values.

2. Responsibility: It's also very important for the job interview that you show yourself as a responsible person when it comes to doing your job and optimizing your time. Making an optimal management of your workday is a very positive quality that will make you score points.

3. Involvement: get actively involved in the philosophy and culture of the company. Nowadays it's essential to work in a team and be aware that what is positive for the company will be for everyone.

4. Positivity: having a good attitude and a positive mentality that you can transmit to your classmates will make you score many points.

5. Proactivity: companies value that you're a person with initiative, determined to take new actions and not be afraid to assume responsibilities.

6. Adaptability: it's also important that you know how to adapt to the needs of the environment around you, whether external to the market itself or internal, related to the company itself.

7. Interest: Recruiters want to see candidates interested in the job and in the company. Research online and find out about the company before going to the interview so you're aware of what projects you participate in or what are your main social concerns.

8. Specialization in new technologies: today all or almost everything revolves around the internet and social networks. Showing specific knowledge about the management of these tools will earn you many points in a job interview.

9. Sincerity: lying in the job interview or in the curriculum can make you lose a great job opportunity and will definitely close the doors of a company.

10. Empathy: show yourself as a close person who cares about what happens to their peers and is there whenever it takes to lend a helping hand remarkably help to create a pleasant work climate, that's why companies look for empathic professionals to fill their positions of work.

If you look, in a job interview you don't look for anything out of the ordinary and surely you gather all or almost all the qualities. The important thing and the key is that you make them known in the job interviews you go to. Remember, from now on in addition to highlighting your academic achievements and your extensive work experience, open up to the interviewer and show him your personal qualities.

In addition to all of the above, it's also essential that you take a resume to the updated job interview and adapted to the specifications of the job you aspire to. This previous work of adaptation of the curriculum together with that of research on the company and the job should always be done before each job interview. It's essential that you prepare job interviews.

Finally, don't be discouraged in your job search if you're not selected at the first, prepare the next one analyzing the possible mistakes made on the previous occasion so that you don't commit them again.

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