Ways to Become Hired


Sometimes you feel like it and the momentum, but maybe you don't follow the right steps. Finding a job and meeting the requested requirements is not always easy, although it's not an impossible fact.

To make your task easier and not see yourself trapped in the doubts of how, for example, to make a resume or how to face a job interview that will lead you to achieve the job you want so much, here are ten tips.

Ten tips that help you to become hired

1. Curriculum:

Create a resume of no more than two sheets. Be concise and detail your achievements. Write a text with your personal data, schooling and work experience.

2. Make internships

it's the first step to find a job. It may not work in your economy, but it will give you the tools to put your knowledge as a student into practice.

3. Interview

Prepare yourself with practical elements that can show your employer your ability. Do not lie and be honest with your information. it's time to talk openly and if they give you the opportunity, put emphasis on what you are looking for and the needs you have.

4. Exam or evaluation

Keep calm during the tests. They are not school exams but the possibility of discovering profiles that employers look for.

5. Leverage contacts

it's vital to make contacts from school. A teacher, a friend or a relative can be the keys to getting a job. However, it's important not to over-trust, remember that it's worse to disappoint an acquaintance.

6. Dynamism in the search

To have good results you have to diversify the means of job search. Do not limit yourself to the newspaper. Check in electronic media, job boards in government offices or websites where companies meet to offer vacancies

7. Other options

Even if you think that you have done well in the process and that it's “almost” sure that they will call you, it's important to continue looking for work options. There may be better vacancies that you could lose

8. Act positively

Getting how to offer a job is a complicated task. Remember that it's best to be positive and look for ways to stand out. Don't take it wrong if your interviewer looks like a “face of few friends” and better look for ways to make dialogue easier while always maintaining respect

9. Research

it's important that you know which company you want to join. You can't arrive without knowing the minimum data. On the other hand, perform a search of the place where the company sits, draw an itinerary and thus avoid being late for appointments

10. Momentum and enthusiasm

If you don't get a quick job, don't "fall apart", there are always options. Go back to the load and check where you failed to improve on the next search. Do not let a lot of time go by once again to hunt for your future job.

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