Vocational Orientation


The vocational orientation is a set of practices aimed at the clarification of vocational problems. It's a preventive work whose objective is to provide the necessary elements to enable the best situation of choice for each subject.

Vocational orientation can be specified individually or in a group, since it involves activities linked to both personal exploration and reality analysis through information on the academic offer and the particularities of the labor market.

Vocational Orientation Test

The vocational orientation test is a resource used in the vocational guidance process to help students choose a career.

The vocational test allows the student to know what career to study or what their true vocation is. It's a very useful tool when helping young people to reflect on their tastes and preferences, also assessing their skills in different occupational areas.

What is the purpose of vocational orientation test?

The main purpose of the vocational test is to discover and reflect on the student's interests, abilities and trends in the academic environment. To do this, different questions must be raised, such as what are the aspirations of the student, where he wants to work in the future, what capacity he has to adapt, in order to explore different topics until he finds the profession that best suits his profile.

The vocational test allows the counselor to gather a large amount of information about the interests, tastes, abilities and aptitudes of the student and at the same time inquire about other determining aspects that facilitate the election process.

It's important to clarify that the vocational test plays a merely guiding role, this means that it's not decisive. This type of resources provides the professional in charge of the orientation task with very valuable information to evaluate the different academic alternatives that adapt to the student's profile, but don't have to be considered as definitive when choosing a career.

Thanks to the vocational guidance questionnaires, students will be able to choose between different professions and activities, those that can provide them with a certain level of job satisfaction. In other words, these evaluations are intended to suggest to the student the most appropriate career, according to their aspirations, aptitudes and tastes.

It's important that the student assumes a certain level of commitment when answering this type of questionnaire, trying to understand each question and choosing the option that most identifies it, otherwise the effectiveness of the test will be almost nil.

As we can see, the vocational test is a very useful resource during the vocational guidance process since it allows clarifying tastes and preferences and identifying the level of interest according to the different professions.

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