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Not sure which career is best for you? Do you have too many or no career options? So you come to the right place! This article explains what vocational guidance is and what it's for.

What is vocational guidance?

Vocational guidance is a learning process that involves knowing ourselves and identifying our life goals. Of course, it's not a magical process or that can be done in minutes, to discover your true vocation you have to be willing to learn and above all to be willing to give your best effort to discover who you are.

Vocational Guidance becomes that guide so that everyone can find their way. So that we recognize what makes us different from others and we can celebrate it!

What is vocational guidance for?

Vocational Guidance is used to avoid making mistakes when choosing a university career. It's a process that helps you get to know yourself better and discover your vocational interests in order to identify fields, careers and projects that can align with you, your goals and the footprint you want to leave.

Tip: Remember that when choosing a career we need to take into account different factors, not only money, since it's usually the main reason when choosing a career, be careful, it's very important, however think if you are going to be able to be financially successful doing an activity that you are not passionate about .

Choose the right career

We need to take into account different factors to choose the correct career, it's not only thinking about money (which is important), we also need to analyze:

  • Our strengths
  • Professional interests
  • Abilities
  • Research the different career options
  • Personal objectives
  • And more ...

40% of people are wrong when choosing a university degree.

It's incredible, but most people choose their career without thinking about the impact it can have on their personal, economic and social life. Let's see the most common mistakes when choosing a career:

  • Make the decision quick or just for money:
    Think only about the possibility of making money or not taking enough time to analyze yourself and what you really want for your future. It's the most common and safest way to miss a career.
  • Being influenced by family and friends:
    Make the career decision based on what others tell you and trying to meet only their expectations. Believing that you "have" to study a degree because it's what your family expects of you and not wanting to disappoint them.
  • Have only 1 source of information:
    It's important to take into account that based on the result of a single psychometric test or knowing a career only by what 1 person or 1 website tells you, is an error that creates unrealistic expectations.

Goals of vocational guidance

It's not only about doing vocational tests to tell you which careers are the most aligned to your profile; Some of your career counseling goals are also:

  • Provide you with tools so that you can get to know yourself better (exercises, reflections ...)
  • Provide information on careers and job opportunities
  • Advise the fields or areas that align with the profile of the students
  • Analyze our fears and how they limit us to make decisions

And of course, the Vocational Test is a complementary tool that will help you know what areas fit your profile and vocational interests.

Characteristics of vocational guidance

It's important to clarify that one of the main characteristics is that it's a process of self-knowledge, to know yourself, you must be part of the process, so it goes beyond a test. Yes, the vocational test is part of most of programs, but it's not only that!

Usually a certified vocational counseling psychologists do the job with/for you, We'll tell you a little about the characteristics of vocational guidance and how vocational counseling psychologists help:

  • They are not totally open questions:
    Answer questions like "what are you good at?" It's not easy at all and a vocational counseling psychologists must give you the tools and exercises to help you find the answer.
  • Decision making:
    Vocational counseling psychologists help you see beyond the obvious to break down those ideas that may be limiting us.
  • Break paradigms:
    The vocational guidance tests allow you to better identify your skills and abilities. With this you can find the best career options for you.
  • Lose the fear of failure:
    Sometimes, what limits us the most in deciding a career are our fears of failing, wasting time, disappointing someone ... etcetera, etcetera! Overcome your fears and fulfill your dreams.
  • Discover the footprint you want to leave:
    We all have an inner call, discover what yours is by asking yourself questions that you have probably never asked yourself to get to know yourself and be able to take advantage of your great potential.
  • Identify your potential and your opportunities for improvement:
    Not only will you recognize all the good that is in you, you will also have the opportunity to reflect on what you want to improve and develop to be the best version of yourself.

What is vocation?

One of the most important concepts in vocational guidance is the concept of vocation, this will help you to always be clear about your objective, that although one of the goals is to choose the correct career, what you should really pursue is to find what you truly you are passionate about it.

Tip: It's very important to understand the concept! Since at the end of your process what you will end up discovering (in addition to your ideal career obviously) is your true vocation.

I firmly believe that each of us are unique beings, with qualities, natural abilities and also with opportunities to grow and be better. This beautiful and unique combination of strengths and also weaknesses makes us who we are and gives us the opportunity, while we are alive, to share it with the world.

That is the Vocation, that "inner call" that makes you unique. Ah ... it's said easy, but the reality is that it's not easy to put it into practice. Not all of us know for sure what makes us different from others, and even many times we think that being different is bad ... and this is where Vocational Guidance comes in .

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