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A virtual assistant is an administrative and / or communication employee who helps entrepreneurs with all kinds of hand and spanner services, if they are unable to do this type of work themselves.

A well-known abbreviation for virtual assistant is also VA. The virtual assistant is usually an independent entrepreneur who works from home. The virtual assistant therefore helps other entrepreneurs with various matters, such as making phone calls, answering e-mails, sending faxes, administrative services and whatever else you can think of. A virtual assistant can often be deployed from a few hours a week and has a flexible attitude towards customers.

The virtual assistant profession can be seen as a combined profession, in which various disciplines come together, such as the administrative assistant, telephone operator and billing specialist profession. Exactly what activities a virtual assistant performs can vary per client and is otherwise personal. Due to the rise of modern means of communication, it's in many cases no longer necessary for people to work in the office.

The virtual assistant is also someone who works from home in many cases. A good virtual assistant can serve multiple customers for whom he or she works. Specially with the rise of many new entrepreneurs, the demand for good virtual assistants has increased considerably. A virtual assistant can help these entrepreneurs in various ways. A virtual assistant can also help entrepreneurs with matters other than administrative matters alone. For example, consider a virtual assistant who will also manage social media accounts for entrepreneurs. Being active on social media is important for many entrepreneurs but can also be a lot of work. If an entrepreneur doesn't feel like or has the time to manage the various accounts, a good virtual assistant can also take over these tasks in consultation with the client.

Exactly what tasks the virtual assistant performs for entrepreneurs is in mutual consultation. For example, an entrepreneur may not want to be called at all during the day, because this interferes with his daily activities. In that case, the relevant entrepreneur will receive a daily e-mail from the virtual assistant with all important points. Entrepreneurs can also outsource the preparation of tenders to the virtual assistant. In that case, the virtual assistant does need all relevant information from the entrepreneur to be able to do this. The preparation of tenders can easily be outsourced to virtual assistants, and offered to the entrepreneur for checking before they are posted. In that respect, a virtual assistant can therefore also be regarded as a contract manager. Another work that can generally be perfectly executed by the virtual assistant is the preparation of invoices. As previously described, in most cases a virtual assistant can also be regarded as an administrator. In that case, the virtual assistant is, for example, responsible for posting messages on social media channels and for responding to messages as a moderator. it's also conceivable that a virtual assistant is responsible for maintaining websites. In that case, the virtual assistant may also be regarded as a writer and / or copywriter.

As indicated earlier, in many cases the virtual assistant must be seen as a supporting employee, who can perform all common activities for entrepreneurs. it's therefore perfectly conceivable that the virtual assistant can also be regarded as an online marketer for various entrepreneurs. Reasonably many entrepreneurs themselves don't have the knowledge or don't want to carry out this type of work. The entrepreneurs understand that marketing is important. The virtual assistant can be an important support for entrepreneurs of this kind. What exactly a virtual assistant performs for an entrepreneur can vary per entrepreneur.


- Answering emails
- Answering phone calls
- Managing social media channels
- Preparation of quotes and invoices
- Requesting information for entrepreneurs
- Writing texts for websites
- Performing general administrative work
- Performing marketing
- Taking care of accounting


There are no training opportunities for the profession or the services virtual assistant through regular schools. The virtual assistant profession is usually performed by someone who has a lot of experience in the field of administration, such as an administrative assistant or a secretarywho works as an independent entrepreneur. Various courses are offered as virtual assistants, which may be of interest to people. Furthermore, it's not possible to appoint a specific course because the profession of virtual assistant is too general for that. Anyone can work as a virtual assistant, because there are no further obligations with regard to vocational training. A broad knowledge of administrative work is important as a virtual assistant. In addition, there are also enough external training institutions where you can follow a course. The bookkeeping is important as an entrepreneur.


In general, a virtual assistant will have to be classified as an entrepreneur. In most cases, a virtual assistant will work for various entrepreneurs and directors. Depending on the virtual assistant, it's perfectly conceivable that the virtual assistant also performs other activities for entrepreneurs. The profession of virtual assistant goes further than just answering the phone or emails. Most virtual assistants can also be seen as a webcare employee and as a webmaster.


The most important competence of a virtual assistant is communication, because the field is largely about communication. In addition, a commercial institution can be expected from a virtual assistant. Another important competence is being able to network. As a virtual assistant you must of course also have good general administrative skills. it's even conceivable that a virtual assistant can be classified as an accountant. If you have a lot to do with general computer work, you'll also have to have a thorough knowledge of the IT sector. Generally important words are service, representative, passion, energy, motivation, listening,resistance to stress and cooperation.


The labor market perspective of a virtual assistant is generally fairly good, because more and more entrepreneurs are using a virtual assistant. In addition, as a virtual assistant you can work in a broad way. In other words, a virtual assistant can do many different thingswork can be deployed. However, it's important as a virtual assistant to get enough assignments, because otherwise the profession of virtual assistant can't be seen as a full-time job. As indicated earlier, most virtual assistants also perform other activities. The career opportunities of a virtual assistant must be seen in building a good name, which will increase the number of assignments. There are no further growth opportunities.


As a virtual assistant you of course determine your employment conditions yourself, because you work as an independent entrepreneur. What a virtual assistant deserves is, of course, highly dependent on the number of assignments that you know as a virtual assistant. It's true that you usually have to get enough assignments before you can make ends meet from this profession. Or you must combine the work with other services.

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