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Health is defined as a state of balance and well-being of a physical, mental and social nature. That is, it doesn't refer only to the absence of disease. On the other hand, it also includes the functional efficacy of a specific organism.

Health is classified as follows:


Physical health refers to the operating and development conditions of the systems that make up the human body. If the body performs optimally and correctly, physical health is good.

This type of health can be affected by three essential factors:


This includes the diet carried out by the subject, physical activity, behaviors, etc.

Human biology

Refers to the genetic characteristics that an individual possesses, which are beyond the control that he may have over them.


This category includes the environment in which the subject develops his usual life.


This kind of health refers to the balance between the person and the context or social environment in which he is immersed. An estimable mental health is one in which there is well-being on the part of the individual in the intellectual, labor, and social participation of the same.

Mental health refers to a harmony in the ability to maintain relationships with others, to optimally face daily demands, etc.


Social health, as its name implies, indicates the ability of a subject to interact effectively with those around him and his environment. It refers to an ability to adapt to the social environment in which it operates.

This includes a series of skills of a social nature and harmony between the individual and the context.

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