Types of Work Styles


Are you primarily a 'doer', or rather a 'thinker'? We are now used to divide people and organizational cultures into these two groups. Based on the four phases of the learning cycle, we can nuance this dichotomy into four types of work styles:

- the acting working style
- the evaluating working style
- the thoughtful work style
- the determined working style

These four work styles are situational in nature. Depending on the situation we are in, we can use a different work style.

The Acting Working Style

With the working working style the emphasis is on implementation. "Let's just go and do it, and we'll see for yourself!" And a saying that typifies this working style is 'People learn by doing'. The acting working style is all about taking concrete action aimed at achieving the desired results.

The Evaluating Work Style

The evaluating work style emphasizes the value of the actions, both in the past, the present and in the future. The emphasis here is on the assessment of the executed (or planned) action. In addition, we can think of the following types of questions: Are we doing things right (efficiency)? Do we do the right things (effectiveness)? And how useful is it (meaning) ?.

The Thoughtful Working Style

With the thoughtful working style, the emphasis is on identifying and analyzing all conceivable possibilities for acting in comparable situations. The collection of relevant material and thorough analysis of the possible consequences fit into this thoughtful style of working.

The Determined Wrking Style

With the determined working style, the emphasis is on considering all alternatives and deciding which action will be most effective in reality. Building castles in the air doesn't fit in with a work style focused on decision making. Someone with a determined working style chooses the proverbial bird in the hand instead of the ten in the air.

Which Working Style is Dominant for You?

If, based on the above descriptions, you continue to owe the answer, try to indicate which statement could come out of your mouth the most:

- "Come on, roll up your sleeves!"
- "Will it be all right?"
- 'More haste less speed!'
- "Who a penny, b say! '

These statements are in the same order as the working styles discussed.

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