Turn Your Applicant Into A Satisfied Customer


By analyzing this customer journey, an organization gains insight into the contact moments, experiences and emotions of customers. This offers opportunities to respond to this and to increase customer experiences and loyalty.

Customer journey of an applicant

If an applicant had a negative experience with an organization in the past, this mainly went around in the candidate's direct network. That was unpleasant, but with the rise of social media, less good experiences are going much faster and more widely. Due to the growth of online media, it's all the more important to map all moments and ways in which an applicant comes into contact with your organization. We don't call this the customer journey, but the candidate journey. Research by Textkernel shows that no less than 71% of the HR professionals surveyed are convinced that a good experience of an applicant, the candidate experience, has a positive influence on the image of the organization.

Tips for positive candidate experience

Have you been triggered to get started with the candidate journey? Then it's important that you think as the candidate. First of all, view your career site through the eyes of the candidate and go through the application process yourself. That probably gives you the first starting points for improving the candidate experience. The following tips will help you further:

Tip 1: User-friendly job site

If you want to achieve a professional look, have your clothes matched, in line with the organization and culture. But above all, leave your conviction: 'they have to accept me as I'm', but just at home. Maybe cliché, but make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. For women I use the tip: keep accessories and jewelry limited. Oh yes, this applies to everyone: if possible, brush your teeth.

Tip 2: Mobile friendly

From the aforementioned study, it appeared that in 52% of the cases it's not yet possible to apply for a mobile job. That's no longer of this time. If you sell a product, you miss the boat when customers can't order on a mobile; 8% of all online purchases are already made through the smartphone. A mobile-friendly application process may seem like a nice to have, but you really can't live without it. Certainly not if you want to attract Millennials.

Tip 3: Transparent recruitment process

Transparent communication naturally also involves a transparent recruitment process. If candidates know in advance what the steps are in the process and when they can expect a response, this creates clarity in the application process.

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