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Tips for Expanding Your Network

"Most positions are filled through networks ", " Networking events are the way to career development ", " Networking is an essential part of a job search process."

We give you 6 tips on how to get started expanding your professional network and how to secure the dividend you want:

Set a strategy

As with any other career development, networking is about having clear goals and sub goals so you don't fumble in the blind. Before participating in networking events, reaching out to friends and colleagues, or contacting relevant businesses, you should be aware of what you're interested in. or to develop your own professionalism? Do you want a job, internship, project hire, to get in touch with key people in a particular industry or business? Or just meeting others with the same professionalism for sparring? Clarify what your purpose is and what you need to achieve by sub-goals in order to eventually meet that goal. And don't be afraid to revise or change your goals along the way as you get smarter.

Use different channels and be open to more

There are many ways to network, and it's always a good idea to use as many people as you can - for their own purposes. If you would like to know more about an industry, networking groups or events can be a great way to meet others with your expertise. If you would like to stay in touch with your network, it's essential to use LinkedIn so that you can connect here every time you have been in dialogue with a potential network partner. If you want personal sparring, it's definitely easiest to contact relevant professionals directly, so you can talk more privately. Therefore, use the channel that's best for your purpose, but also be open to using different methods to achieve your goals.

Get started with your existing network

Although you may not think you have access to a large professional network, there is often value and knowledge to gain from your past relationships. For example, it may be your family or circle of friends, study buddies who have come in internships or study jobs or among old colleagues, bosses or educators. Contact anyone you think could help you reach your goals and sub-goals, and ask if they have any good ideas for how to move forward.

Be patient

Working with their network isn't about getting a profit right away: The vast majority of people you talk to don't have anything they can offer you right away, no matter what job or specialized knowledge, you're lacking in the situation. But it may be, they know someone who at some point knows about a job, that at a later date they have the knowledge you need, or may be able to help you in ways you weren't even aware of. Be curious and flexible in the use of your network, and be aware that it may take time for results to appear. And that results aren't always exactly what you thought, because there are many ways to reach your goal.

Be outreach, follow-up and ready to give back

Making active use of a professional network requires energy on your part. You must be the one who makes contact, shows up for the events and prepares both strategy and good questions. You must also be the one who follows up on your agreements and helps to ensure long-term cooperation. It's all about giving back to one's network partners in one way or another and daring to take some chances, but not be afraid of rejection either.

Care for your network - even when you don't need it

The most important thing about having a professional network is to make sure it's used and maintained. A passive network on LinkedIn, networking groups that never meet, or contacts you haven't talked to in over half a year will rarely be good for anything. Even during periods when you're not prioritizing your network, it's a good idea to continually follow up on your contacts, re-evaluate your strategy and consider if there is something you can give back to the rest of your network. It ensures that you don't have to start over each time you need help or sparring.

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